Man United will bounce back and finish in top four – ETH

Erik ten Hag, the manager of Manchester United, has been impressed by his team’s ability to recover from setbacks this year and anticipates that they will do the same against West Ham.

After losing to Brighton and Hove Albion in the last minute on Thursday, Erik ten Hag is ‘convinced’ that Manchester United will recover and clinch a top-four finish in the Premier League.

Alexis Mac Allister’s stoppage-time penalty caused United to lose to Brighton in overtime, and the Seagulls were able to exact some justice for their loss to the Red Devils in the FA Cup semifinal on penalties.

However, United has demonstrated a propensity for rebounding from setbacks this season, and Ten Hag is confident they will exhibit that tenacious spirit once more as they aim to secure a top-four finish in the Premier League.

The odds are in United’s favor to finish in the top four and earn a spot in the Champions League for the following season despite Thursday’s loss. Despite having played one game less than Liverpool, the Old Trafford team, who is currently in fourth place, leads them by four points.

Man United will bounce back and finish in top four - ETH


“We have recovered from setbacks this season every single time. As a result, I rely on my team and my players.” Prior to Sunday’s trip to West Ham, Ten Hag said, “We have to do it again.

“We have one hour until our match against West Ham United, so there is no time to dwell on this disappointment. everyone focuses on that.

“We plan ahead and are ready for them. The players must assume responsibility, which they will. On them, I rely.

“We have the evidence in the season, so they must do it and can do it. They always bounce back after disappointing us.”

Even though Liverpool’s winning streak came just in time to put them back in the mix, Ten Hag insists there is no need to panic about United’s chances of finishing in the top four.

Before Brighton, “we had a pretty good run from the last five, four wins and a draw,” he said.

“We must put all of our attention into our performance because we control everything. I have a lot of faith in my players, so I’m pretty sure of that.”

The last time United made it to the final was in 2011. United hasn’t won the Champions League since 2008.

Ten Hag, however, is well aware of how crucial it is to place in Europe’s top club competition because the tournament is a part of the club’s DNA.

“Of course we need to be in the Champions League, Manchester United,” he said.

“We make every effort within our power to achieve that goal because we want to compete there against the best teams in the world.

“I believe that our participation in the Champions League is always essential. We do everything to get there.”

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Man United will bounce back and finish in top four - ETH

The Brazilian showed grit during the heartbreaking 1-0 loss at Brighton and Hove Albion, but crossed the line when he received a booking in the second half. Erik ten Hag has a message for Antony.

The fiery winger, who moved to Old Trafford in the summer alongside Ten Hag from Ajax, had a chance to score first but missed wide. He fought up and down our right flank and continued to pose a threat, but in the 70th minute, when a free kick was denied after a dribble was stopped, he lost his cool.

As the play progressed, he fouled Alexis Mac Allister, who would later score the injury-time penalty at the end, and was then barged into by Seagulls captain Lewis Dunk, with the two squaring up. Although Fred escorted his countryman away from the flashpoint, Antony and Dunk were given yellow cards by the referee, Andre Marriner.

The 23-year-old has been driven by this desire ever since his difficult upbringing in Brazil, and it is evident on the field that he gives it everything and displays all of his emotions.

Ten Hag admires it, but the Reds manager acknowledges the wide man must stay focused to continue improving as he adjusts to life in the Premier League this season.

The manager told the media ahead of Sunday’s game at West Ham United, “I think his passion is a strength.” There is, undoubtedly, a limit. Controlling it is necessary. To succeed in your games and in the game’s battles, you must have passion and desire.

“I believe this is very strong with him; he is very ambitious.

“Therefore, as I said, don’t be excessive. Keep your attention on your game and the requirements it has. He is a fantastic player if he accomplishes that.

“I believe his performance and improvement are quite evident and clear.”

The Reds need to respond against David Moyes’s Hammers in order to start their final push to hold onto a top-four spot, so Antony, who was replaced by Jadon Sancho in the 76th minute on the south coast, will hope to keep his spot in the side.

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