Ten Hag has taken United precisely nowhere – Richard Keys

All I ever hear when people discuss Manchester United is that “they’re in a much better place now”. Seriously? This is much better than back then?

Better than when Solskjaer finished in second place? Better than when van Gaal won the FA Cup? I never thought I’d say this, but I don’t think so. And I’ll be honest — during their tenure as leaders, I said some pretty unkind things about both men.

They are not superior to the group that Mourinho led to a second-place finish and two trophies. They are not, however.

Ten Hag spent a record £220 million last summer — more than United have ever spent in a single window to take them precisely no where.

He has run out of justifications. You can only point the finger at players so much for being “unprofessional” or not “sticking to the game plan”. After a while, all of that chatter in the dressing room gets a little old.

As soon as the West Ham game ended, a friend of mine who is a die-hard United supporter texted me this.

Knew it straight from kick off. Anthony = Fraud. Casimeiro = MIA for weeks. Erikson = not same since injury. Rashford = not getting the service. Rest of them, the shirt is to heavy for em. Won’t get top 4. Them scousers will. Mark my words. 😡😡😡😡

I can only assume that a good number of United supporters forwarded it to friends because it had been forwarded quite a few times. Do they really feel this way?

Ten Hag has taken United precisely nowhere - Richard Keys

Ten Hag MUST provide Champions League football. There is no other option. If so, that’s fine; he has himself a new season. If he doesn’t, this season’s League Cup victory won’t be sufficient. The moment United won that trophy, United supporters felt ashamed. how much things have changed.

Here is the follow-up text I received yesterday. Yep, there is still time for the FA Cup final to be played. Does anyone think they will defeat City?

Fearful of Wembley.

Take pity on us, sweet Jesus…

After Liverpool’s recent run, Ten Hag has everything going on. Oh, and Nout Workhorse isn’t the solution. It’s really not funny any more, so I don’t know why he keeps emphasizing that error of judgment.

Arsenal deserves praise for how they performed at Newcastle. They were great in my opinion. They controlled that match starting when the penalty was reversed. I even said on beINSPORTS that it might have been their best game of the year.

Numerous factors worked against them. Poor recent performance. Few teams have success at St James’ park. However, their game management was excellent, making it difficult to return there now. I’m glad Arsenal won, but I hope the loss doesn’t prevent Newcastle from earning a spot in the Champions League. After a fantastic season, they deserve it. In the battle for the title, we still need a few more tense contests.

As a result, everyone can anticipate a new show where referees discuss decisions made using VAR. Anything that gets us closer to fans being able to share real-time audio at the monitor is a step in the right direction, but I’m not getting too excited. Not much will change unless we reach the point where we can hear the referee and Stockley Park “live” — particularly when VAR operators fail to detect a handball offense. Lindelof at West Ham? Exactly right. He might as well have successfully caught the ball. We felt humiliated by the matchday centers’ justifications.

I didn’t think it was appropriate that Graeme Souness had “retired” from Sky, especially after reading his Daily Mail column in which he claimed to be still “open for business.”

He was fired, according to a conversation I overheard from a Sky “insider” this week. The decision was made to run his race, so to speak. similar in many ways.

As far as I could throw him, I would not trust the source of the information, but because he has made a career out of protecting himself by man-marking senior management figures, I will give him the benefit of the doubt this time. His resources will be reliable.

Ten Hag has taken United precisely nowhere - Richard Keys

It turns out that when Graeme mentioned that football was a “man’s game,” it was decided to part ways with him. In August, following Chelsea’s 2-2 draw with Spurs, he uttered that phrase.

A little bit of a stir was made by his remarks. His word choices were awkward. He didn’t mean any harm, but that’s no longer acceptable. Everyone enjoys football because it is just a game. And that’s something worth celebrating.

Since Graeme is a well-liked character and most people thought he had made a mistake, they were willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. Senior management at Sky, however, was not one of them. That was it, they decided at the first chance, he would leave.

Now, two things will occur. Sky will dispute this, and the mole will be frantically calling to try and hide his tracks, but Graeme is far from done, so I’ll be proven right. Due to his classy demeanor and continued box office success, he will appear somewhere, perhaps on ITV.

Now that I’ve told the truth, if I were Martin Tyler, I’d be watching my back after what have been called his recent “racist comments” about Son Heung-min. Once more, I’d say Martin was just careless, but you can bet the incident is documented at Gillette Corner. And I believe I know who will be the Guardian of that file—it will be the same person who looked after Graeme’s file.

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