Opinion: For Liverpool to defeat Man United and finish in the top four is like winning the FA Cup

We still have no control over the top four or the Opinion: For Liverpool to defeat Man United and finish in the top four is like winning the FA Cup Champions League. Even though we are by no means operating at full capacity, Liverpool has won six of its last seven games and is 7-0.

By hook or by crook, we are in charge of managing the games and winning them. Manchester United and Newcastle, for example, are aware that Liverpool is gradually improving; the manager has restored the players’ faith, and they are winning games.

At this point in the season, you want to win the games and see how the other games go, even if it wasn’t how we had hoped to win the games. For the first time in a while, they decided in our favor over the weekend.

There is some hope left because both teams need to win three games and they don’t have any challenging matchups left, but if we were to win our remaining games, that would be interesting.

Since Leicester has become increasingly difficult to visit in recent years, all we can do is concentrate entirely on the upcoming game. They are battling mightily to remain standing, and you must go there and perform a professional job.

We haven’t had a great season, but wouldn’t it be fantastic if we could sneak into the top four on goal differential from Man United? That would be like winning the FA Cup final and taking that fourth spot away from them.

You’re relieved that they made a mistake because you need to pay attention to yourself because you don’t know what will happen in the next game. You don’t even consider the other teams; all you can do is hope that teams like Brighton can travel to United to earn points and Chelsea, as both of those squads are capable of being dangerous.

It’s what we do: secure the nine points and see what transpires from there. Newcastle has a few games against risky opponents, and we have three challenging ones of our own. We’ll watch what happens to see if they fail or manage to turn things around.

Trent Alexander-Arnold might be the next Thiago for Liverpool.

Even though we’re defending better and aren’t playing flamboyantly, we couldn’t have defended worse earlier in the season. Trent has been a revelation in midfield; in fact, I’d go so far as to say that’s his new position (and I never thought I’d say anything like that). His future is there.

It will save Liverpool a ton of money if they go out and find a great right-back.

He is similar to a younger Thiago in some ways, but he is quicker, more dynamic, and able to defend better. For what he is doing, his vision, and his ability to do what Thiago does, he is a match for Thiago.

Opinion: For Liverpool to defeat Man United and finish in the top four is like winning

If you’re looking for a top player like Jude Bellingham, Declan Rice, or whoever, you’re talking £120 million. However, you can get a very good right-back for £20 million. We could use one or two midfielders to balance things out. Although I’m not sure if Jurgen wants it, it makes sense because we are aware of how the owners operate.

He’s been a challenge for teams over the past 18 months because four players are always surrounding him when he receives the ball. Although his numbers are fantastic, when he isn’t playing well, he is shut out of the game. I just want to commend him because he has been crazily good for the club and seems to be enjoying his football. He has had the bit between his teeth in recent months. Talking about the club legends we’ve witnessed over the years, he has already cemented his place among them and still has a few more years left in him.

Igbo Kennedy

Igbo Kennedy

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