Liverpool make special appeal to the Premier League for a 7,000-seat Anfield expansion

Despite a senior staff member behind the redevelopment admitting that construction has been “challenging,” the expansion to the Anfield Road end is anticipated to be completed in time for the beginning of the upcoming season.

Taking shape above the current building is the new roof for the Anfield Road stand.
Above the current building, the Anfield Road stand’s new roof is taking shape.

Liverpool have requested to play their first Premier League game away from home in order to give building contractors more time to finish the new Anfield Road stand.

The £80 million extension, which will increase Anfield’s capacity to 61,000 seats by adding 7,000 seats, started construction in September 2021, but it took longer than expected to finish because the existing stand had to remain open for games.

Paul Cuttill, a club employee, however, stated to the Liverpool Echo that he anticipates the new stand to be fully operational for the second round of league games on the weekend of August 19.

We have requested that the first game of the season be played away from home because we are asked about it every year, according to Cuttill. “I must emphasize that the Premier League has not yet officially confirmed this. For our first home game of the new season to be played here with the Anfield Road stand open and brand-new, if it is confirmed, we’re looking at around August 19, though.”

Keeping the existing stand open has proven to be “incredibly challenging,” according to Cuttill, even though the renovation is on schedule and within budget. The old roof will be removed as soon as Liverpool play their final home game of the year against Aston Villa on May 20.

We are both on schedule and within budget, according to Cuttill. “It has been incredibly difficult to get to this point, but the next significant step will be when we remove the roof, which will happen four weeks after our final home game. To get moving and ensure that we will be prepared in time for the start of the 23/24 season, we must reach that goal.”

After Old Trafford (74,310), Tottenham Hotspur Stadium (62,850), and London Stadium (62,500), the increase to 61,000 will make Anfield the fourth-largest club stadium in England. Cuttill, however, said he was not aware of any plans for additional redevelopment.

Liverpool make special appeal to the Premier League for a 7,000-seat Anfield expansion

“For me personally, I am not involved or aware of any further conversations in terms of expanding Anfield,” he continued. Although I don’t think anyone can say it won’t happen, I would say that we don’t know what it would look like.”

500 more jobs will be added on gameday, according to previous statements from Liverpool. According to the club’s most recent financial statements, matchday revenue was £86 million last year.

Construction on the 52,888-seat stadium for neighboring Everton in Bramley-Moore Dock is still going strong. The stadium is anticipated to open in time for the 2024–2025 season.

The Premier League has confirmed that on June 15, or just over two weeks after the current season ends, the fixture schedule for the following one will be made public.

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