Klopp and Liverpool will ‘smell blood’ as they close in on Newcastle and Manchester United – Gary Neville

The Reds have won their last six games in a row and are only one point behind Manchester United.

Gary Neville, a former defender for Manchester United, thinks Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool will feel the heat after Manchester United and Newcastle United both lost this past weekend. To be assured of a spot in the Champions League, the Toon only require seven points from their remaining games.

The Toon lost to title contenders Arsenal over the weekend, while the Red Devils lost to West Ham United. With their victory over Brentford, Liverpool have closed the gap on Eddie Howe’s team to just three points, and they are only one point behind Manchester United.

Neville thinks Klopp and his team will start to apply pressure in the upcoming weeks because they have a better schedule than their top-four competitors.

“I believe Liverpool will smell some blood,” Neville said to Sky Sports. “They’ll attempt to step it up a bit, and I have no doubt that Jurgen Klopp and his players will be saying to one another in the locker room tomorrow, ‘Come on, we’ve got a chance here.’

“They’re going to want to look for it and make it interesting. Newcastle and Manchester United have a task to complete, but they should have enough left in the tank to succeed.”

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Klopp and Liverpool will 'smell blood' as they close in on Newcastle and Manchester United - Gary Neville

The Sky Sports analysts think that Man United’s loss at West Ham United could pave the way for a real top-four battle in the season’s final few weeks.

Following the Reds’ loss at West Ham United, Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville both think Liverpool can go after Manchester United.

Over the weekend, Erik ten Hag’s team was only one point away from Jurgen Klopp’s men. Unlike United, who lost to Brentford at the London Stadium by the same score, Liverpool defeated Brentford 1-0 at Anfield.

With only three weeks left in the Premier League season, United still have a game in hand. However, Neville thinks Liverpool will see an opening as Ten Hag’s team loses momentum.

Neville predicted Liverpool would try to up the ante if they sensed any blood before United’s loss to West Ham on the Gary Neville Podcast. The mindset of Jurgen Klopp and his team tomorrow at practice will be, “We have a chance here.

“They’ll want to look for and spice it up. Newcastle and Manchester United have work to do, but they should have enough left in the tank to win.”

Prior to United’s loss, Carragher had a more pessimistic outlook on Liverpool. Liverpool have more of a chance to overtake the Hammers now that they have lost, though.

“The result tonight gives them a glimmer of hope,” Carragher said on Saturday. “If West Ham were to get three points against Manchester United tomorrow, maybe you can start talking about the top four can happen.”

Likewise, Micah Richards thinks Liverpool may be able to move up in the race for the top four if there is less pressure on them. With fewer expectations on them, Klopp’s team is in much better shape.

“There is no pressure, and they are not anticipated to place in the top four, so I am a little bit more confident. The good news for Liverpool is that they aren’t playing like the Liverpool of old; despite playing with a little more freedom, they are still crossing the finish line.

“They can enter every game with that assurance; occasionally, it is better to chase rather than, psychologically, have the points on the board.”

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