The usual predictable response from Richard Keys to Jurgen Klopp losing Liverpool coach, Thomas Gronnemark

Richard Keys made light of the fact that Liverpool’s chances of finishing in the top four are now in ruins due to the departure of their throw-in coach.

During his five-year tenure, Thomas Gronnemark assisted the Reds in winning the Champions League, Premier League, FA Cup, and Carabao Cup. He joined Jurgen Klopp’s team in 2018 and has since helped the Reds win four other major competitions. The 47-year-old Dane’s tenure at Anfield came to an end this week after Klopp and his senior coaching staff disapproved of his request for more time with Liverpool’s players during practice.

Despite the fact that Gronnemark’s departure was amicable, it has given snide commentators like Keys the opportunity to make fun of the character. “Oh no. What a blow at such a crucial point in the season,” the former Sky presenter and current beIN Sports Qatar employee wrote on Twitter. “You’ve got to think United will finish fourth right now.”

The usual predictable response from Richard Keys to Jurgen Klopp losing Liverpool coach, Thomas Gronnemark

When Gronnemark first arrived on Merseyside, Keys made fun of his appointment. Gronnemark also works with Ajax, Toulouse, Philadelphia Union, and numerous other clubs around the world. However, he acknowledged that his response might have been inappropriate in 2021. The presenter admitted, “I was never convinced by Liverpool’s use of a’specialist’ throw-in coach – but maybe I was wrong.”

“The most compelling defense, it would seem, is that teams should exercise caution when receiving a throw when they are currently short a man. Perhaps, but if they are, it will only last a millisecond. Keep in mind that change is coming. I spoke to Arsene Wenger about it, so I am aware of that. Soon enough, we’ll be kicking the ball into the offensive half. Rely on me. It will happen shortly.”

“All good things come to an end,” the 47-year-old said in a social media post announcing his departure. “After five outstanding seasons, Liverpool and I have decided to end our agreement regarding the throw-in coaching. I’m proud to have helped LFC move from last to first in the Premier League using throw-ins under pressure.

“Since then, 25 professional clubs have hired me based on the impressive development in Liverpool, and I’ve been a part of 14 titles, promotions, and teams that have outperformed their competition. Since the previous seasons did not allow me to work with throw-ins as much as I would have liked, it is only natural and expected that we express our gratitude at this time.

“I want to thank Liverpool FC, Jurgen Klopp, the staff, and the players for a great time and for their cooperation. It was a wonderful ride.”

Since he had been working with the Reds less frequently since the Covid-19 pandemic, Gronnemark was apparently viewed as surplus by Klopp and company, who are aiming for a top-four finish in their remaining three Premier League games. Despite having a game in hand, Liverpool is only one point behind Manchester United in fourth place.

The Reds will lose out to Erik ten Hag’s United for the final Champions League spot, according to Klopp, who added: “All we can do is take care of our own business. Nobody appears to be in danger of losing more games than they win between now and the end of the season based on how the top four have performed throughout the year.”

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