Howard Webb will finally speak out after Liverpool is heavily involved in a VAR review

Monday’s match between Liverpool and Leicester City could mark the first time fans hear audio from VAR, according to reports. As Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL) chief Howard Webb is reportedly a guest in the Monday Night Football studio on Sky Sports, Liverpool’s Monday match against Leicester City could feature a VAR first.

Since its introduction in the English top division, the technology has received a lot of attention. In an effort to shed more light on contentious decisions, there have been increasing calls for the Stockley Park officials’ audio conversations with the match referee to be broadcast publicly this season in particular.

According to a report in The Mirror, Webb will join pundits Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville at 6:30 p.m., an hour and a half before kickoff at the King Power Stadium, in a trial of the Premier League allowing spectators to hear conversations between the referee and VAR officials for the first time since the technology’s introduction.

The conversations between referees and VAR officials will be audible as the former referee goes through video of some of the season’s most notable calls.

This suggests that the decisions pertaining to the Reds may now be more clear. including the events from the suspenseful game at Anfield last month involving Diogo Jota or Oliver Skipp.

The late lunge by the Tottenham Hotspur midfielder on Luis Diaz, which caught the Colombian by the ankle, was unsuccessful.
Jota, who won the match, was.
later in the game for a high boot on Skipp, was warned before continuing and stealing the points in the closing seconds. Ryan Mason, the temporary manager for Tottenham, was furious about the choice.

FIFA regulations prevent fans from listening to these conversations in real time at the moment, but audio may be made accessible following the sound of the final whistle.

Howard Webb will finally speak out after Liverpool is heavily involved

It is not yet known whether audio from the Reds’ match against the relegation-threatened Foxes will be accessible at the conclusion of the game, though it has been suggested that it might be the case if it becomes necessary during the course of the 90 minutes.


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