“Yes we can”- Jurgen Klopp optimistic Liverpool will return to challenging Manchester City for League title next season

Liverpool will once again compete with Manchester City for the Premier League championship next season, according to Jurgen Klopp.

With the exception of the last six games, which we have won consecutively, this has been a shockingly poor season for us. With just three games left in the season, we are in fifth place, four points behind Manchester United in fourth.

Not to mention that we were long ago eliminated from all cup competitions. But Klopp is certain that Liverpool will assemble a group that can contend for the league title next season.

Four times in the past five seasons, Manchester City have lifted the Premier League title. During that time, we were the only team to prevent the Cityzens from winning the competition, and we twice came up short by a single point.

While Liverpool is currently having trouble cracking the top four, City are on track to win the league once more. The two teams have recently engaged in some epic title races. Prior to his team’s matchup against Leicester City, Klopp gave the following statement at his pre-game press conference, according to TheNationalNews.com:

“You play City, Arsenal, and the others in two games a season, possibly with Cups 3, 4, or 5. You only need to find one out of the five million possible ways to win a football game. When you are prepared for every game and win 25 or more games, you have had a successful season.

“It would be even better if those 25 included City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Newcastle, Tottenham, and Manchester United. But the real question is: Can we put together a team that can win the majority of games? What the other teams did was never a concern. There will be some who claim that the reason we failed to win the title both times was because we lacked this player at the crucial moment.”

Many supporters believe that Liverpool’s underperformance in recent transfer windows have been caused by their lack of activity, at least when it comes to properly strengthening in the relevant positions. This summer, Fenway Sports Group (FSG) needs to support Jurgen Klopp.

They must sponsor several top-notch midfield additions in the upcoming window in order to avoid missing out. We could use a forward for depth, and a new center back wouldn’t hurt. Intensity, passion, and desire are all positive traits.

However, you need world-class players and you have to spend money if you want to compete with Manchester City, who have been strengthened even more by the goal-scoring machine that is Erling Haaland. Depending on how well we manage our money this summer, our PL title credentials will change.

Igbo Kennedy

Igbo Kennedy

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