The long list of attributes that Jürgen Klopp says make Luis Diaz the “very, very special player” that he is

The Colombian attacker, who made a much-welcomed comeback from a protracted injury layoff, has contributed to each of Liverpool’s victories during their six-game winning streak in the Premier League.

Given what he revealed to Premier League Productions about the talented No. The manager is overjoyed to be able to use Diaz on matchday once more. 23 brings for the Reds.

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Regarding Diaz’s return, Klopp reacted with: “Fantastic. We have always been incredibly enthusiastic about it.

The problem is that he was sidelined following the injury he sustained in the Arsenal game—a very odd match, by the way—and returned while we were in a training camp for the World Cup in Dubai, so we all thought, “Finally back. ‘ .

“He trained exceptionally, without a doubt, and he only slightly fell on the grass, felt something, continued, and everything was fine. Yes, I do feel a little bit after training. Let’s take a look. “Another scan, this one scheduled for… three months.”. Terrible, truly terrible.

He is a natural athlete. He is my favorite person, without a doubt. It is unbelievable.

The long list of attributes that Jürgen Klopp says make Luis Diaz the "very, very special

He moves in the right spots, defends naturally from his position, is a goal threat, is quick, and is cheeky. He is so football smart. I must say that he is a very, very special player. We really missed him.

We all realized how great Diogo Jota is when he returned, so we both missed him. Darwin [is] new, Bobby [has] a few minor injuries here and there, and it’s obviously very challenging to fit in on a team when you’re the situation finisher. The other boys need to create in many different situations because we didn’t create enough, didn’t create enough clearly, or both.

There are several reasons for our predicament, but you have to face reality head-on and find the silver lining—just like in football.


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