Rafa Benitez shares who he thinks between Newcastle and Liverpool will qualify for Champions League

Rafa Benitez, a former manager of Newcastle United and Liverpool, has made his predictions for the teams he believes will earn coveted Champions League spots this year.

Newcastle currently sits two spots above Liverpool in the top-four race and has a one-point advantage over the Merseyside team. The Magpies also have a game left, but it’s a difficult game against Brighton on Thursday.

Given that Newcastle dropped five points in their last two games and that Liverpool has won seven straight games and is in excellent form, the race is getting very tight.

In a Tweet from Football Daily, Rafa Benitez was asked which of the two clubs would place in the top four. “It’s massive for both,” Benitez responded when asked for his opinion in a rather diplomatic manner, though he did seem to be leaning in one direction. “Newcastle clearly have the advantage right now, but anything could happen.”

“Newcastle United have the confidence, the fervor, and the poise required to pick up a few victories and hold onto their position.

“Let’s see if they can stay there for a while. Of course, this year, two or three teams did not perform to the level that was anticipated, but now that they are, they have the chance to stay there, and I will be thrilled.”

Rafa Benitez shares who he thinks between Newcastle and Liverpool will qualify for Champions League

It appears that Benitez anticipates Newcastle to hold on and believes they will remain competitive throughout the upcoming season and beyond.

Newcastle still hold the advantage with the points and game in hand, despite the tension among fans growing as a result of the disparity in the two teams’ recent performances. Newcastle might even be able to join the Champions League this weekend before playing Leicester on Monday.

If Aston Villa defeats Liverpool on Saturday and Newcastle defeats Brighton on Thursday, then neither Brighton nor Liverpool will be able to catch the Magpies.

However, Newcastle did defeat the Seagulls at St. James’ Park last season, and Newcastle haven’t dropped a night game under Eddie Howe, so the signs are good there. Of course, the Brighton game will be difficult for Newcastle because matches between the two teams typically end in draws.

Aston Villa could defeat Liverpool if they show up; they are much improved under Unai Emery, but they have a propensity to falter in crucial matches, so it remains to be seen.

Rafa Benitez’s quiet assurance encourages me, so I’ll make an effort to remain upbeat.

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