In light of the potential for Victor Osimhen, Jürgen Klopp makes a hint about a Liverpool player’s Ballon d’Or aspirations

A “forgotten” Liverpool star with lofty goals has received a hint from Jürgen Klopp. The next steps are becoming more obvious, and there’s a chance Victor Osimhen will return.

This year, it has been a rare sight. In 2023, you can count the number of times Fábio Carvalho has worn a Liverpool jersey on one hand. There is no denying that these past few months have been trying for Jürgen Klopp’s young star, who is frequently forced to watch the action from the bench but is more frequently relegated to the stands.

Carvalho, however, received a rare opportunity to play for Liverpool against Leicester City, albeit for a brief period of time. He made just two Premier League appearances this season, but in a crucial move by Klopp, he showed off a few promising touches in the closing minutes of the contest.

Carvalho’s brief appearances since the turn of the year have been hints that he still has a long-term future at the club, much like when the manager substituted him on against Real Madrid. Klopp keeps giving him tiny bites, the tiniest tastes of what he will have in the future, one after another.

No one can dispute Carvalho’s exceptional talent. He dominated the Championship last year and scored three goals for Liverpool in a very short period of time during the first half of the season, including one against Manchester City and a dramatic last-second winner against Newcastle United that still has the potential to determine the Champions League race.

Carvalho is the kind of player that Klopp was designed for—a clear goal threat who is at ease on the ball and presses from the front. The Portuguese U21 international, who is also very ambitious, has a lot of potential, though he obviously needs to develop in some aspects of his game, such as his physicality.

In light of the potential for Victor Osimhen, Jürgen Klopp makes a hint about a Liverpool player's Ballon

Carvalho expressed his desire to win the Champions League and the Ballon d’Or in a video with the PFA’s YouTube channel last year.

The host questioned him, “So, what are we saying? If we look into Carvalho’s future, what are we saying?”.

You’re laughing, but I’m serious: a few Ballon d’Ors, a few Champions Leagues,” Carvalho retorted.

These recent months have undoubtedly been a devastating blow for the child, but they have also served as a significant learning curve. He has now trained with some of the best players in the world, including Mohamed Salah and Roberto Firmino, and he is aware of the steps required to reach that level.

Liverpool made a long-term commitment to him, signing him to a deal that would keep him there until 2027. The team will still have faith that he can deliver on the promise he made upon joining.

However, it is already clear that he will have a difficult time cracking the club’s starting lineup the following season. Therefore, leaving Anfield for a brief period of time would be the logical next step in his development.

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