Eddie Howe refutes Jurgen Klopp’s claim that he was ‘hunted’ in the top-four battle between Newcastle and Liverpool

In the battle for a top-four finish, Eddie Howe has emphasized that Newcastle United does not feel like they are being “hunted.”

The manager refuted assertions that Liverpool is “hunting” his team in the competition for a Champions League spot.

On April 9, Liverpool was 12 points behind Newcastle and Manchester United, but after winning their last seven league games and playing an extra game, they are now just one point behind. The third-placed Magpies host Brighton and Hove Albion in their game-in-hand on Thursday.

Jurgen Klopp, the manager of the Reds, stated that the teams currently trailing Man City and Arsenal in the standings would be happier if they were not being pursued prior to Monday night’s 3-0 victory over Leicester City at the King Power Stadium. Howe has since refuted these claims by asserting that he is not under any pressure.

“We are not being hunted,” he declared. “That emotion is not present for me. Really, it’s us versus ourselves. That is how I see it. It’s an effort on our part to improve.

“I haven’t given any other team any thought this season. In my experience, I was always aware that Liverpool was nearby because they are a top team and are capable of winning streaks.

“They are very comparable to Manchester City, who can win a run of games without faltering. They have that background. For us, it is impossible to look at it or contrast ourselves with Liverpool. All we have to do is look at us.”

Howe responded when asked if he would have accepted the position his club is in now back in August: “Snapped your arm off is the phrase that I use.

“We weren’t there. I don’t know if that’s the right answer. I sat in this room at the beginning of the season and stated that it was important to ensure that we weren’t in a relegation battle.

“It was making sure the team had developed and improved enough to be stable in the Premier League, and then we were looking to grow the team in perhaps the following seasons. Well, we’ve definitely surpassed that.

“Right now, we have three games left, and to be in that position early in the season, when it’s still in your hands, means everything.

“At this time, the challenge is obviously to cross the finish line and win the games, but we’ll try to do that.”

Klopp had said: “I’m pretty sure United and Newcastle are not watching us confident it is all fine. We have been in similar situations and you wish anyway the opponent loses and you have that pressure off your shoulders. And our job is to keep the pressure. We have to keep them on their toes.”

Igbo Kennedy

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