LIVERPOOL TOP FOUR: The various Manchester United and Newcastle scenarios that would secure Champions League for the Reds

Liverpool have secured Europa League football but what do they need to finish in the top four?

Despite being assured a spot in the Europa League for the upcoming season thanks to their most recent victory over Leicester City, Liverpool is still aiming for the top four. Although it seems unlikely, Jurgen Klopp’s team is still trying to swap their current standing for a place in the Champions League.

Let’s look at the scenarios that could allow the Reds to squeak into a top four finish with just two games remaining. beginning with the remainder of their own fixture run.

What is required for Liverpool to qualify for Champions League?

Provided Liverpool win both this Saturday’s home game against Aston Villa and their final away game of the season against Southampton, they can finish the season with a maximum of 71 points. However, securing six points won’t be sufficient on its own; the Reds also require unforeseen good fortune.

With 69 points after playing their game-in-hand against Brighton on Thursday, Newcastle is currently third in the standings. At St. James’ Park, Leicester City will be the next opponent for the Magpies before finishing the season at Stamford Bridge against Chelsea.

If Liverpool finish with 71 points, Newcastle would need to lose one match and draw the other for the Reds to overtake them. Two draws may not be good enough, as Newcastle would likely stay ahead on goal difference with seven currently between them.

On Thursday, May 25, Man United will play their remaining game against Chelsea at Old Trafford. Although they still have three games left on their schedule, they are currently only one point ahead of Liverpool.

For the Reds to snub Erik ten Hag’s side of a top four spot, they would need them to pick up no more than four points out of a possible nine. A win, a draw and a loss — or anything less than that — would mathematically send Liverpool to the Champions League. United could also pick up an extra point, so a win and two draws, and still probably be out of the running, but it would boil down to goal difference.

Liverpool currently have a goal difference of 18 more than United does. Even though it’s highly unlikely that the Red Devils will narrow this gap, we wouldn’t want to rule anything out during this tumultuous Premier League season.

Igbo Kennedy

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