Gary Neville makes direct reference to Liverpool when discussing who can stop Manchester City

Regarding Manchester City’s dominance of the Premier League, Gary Neville has spoken out.

Liverpool, in Gary Neville’s opinion, is the only team capable of challenging Manchester City.

However, the Manchester United legend has urged the Reds and other teams that want to topple City to “get their backsides in gear.”

After Arsenal’s loss to Nottingham Forest on Saturday, Pep Guardiola’s team won the Premier League title for a third straight year.

Under the guise of the trophy-laden Spaniard, and having experienced domestic success once more, City are now focusing on winning the Treble as they get ready to play rivals Man United in the FA Cup final and Inter Milan in the Champions League final.

Neville has commented on their dominance after helping United win the Treble during his playing days. “It’s difficult because you’re asking people to achieve the same standards in a very tough league year after year,” he said in a statement to Sky Sports.

Gary Neville makes direct reference to Liverpool when discussing who can stop Manchester City


“Usually, what happens is that there is a decline the year after where everyone starts to relax, but Pep Guardiola doesn’t let that happen. The players have accepted that, and the longevity of the standard-setting over many years is a true accomplishment.

“The Premier League has been dominated by him for the last four, five, and six years. Well done to Liverpool for taking on this City team; they did a fantastic job of riding their coattails for two, three, or even four seasons and winning the Premier League.

“However, I don’t agree with those who claim that the competition is unfair. I’m one of those who tells the other players to ‘get your rears in gear, get yourselves together, play better, and do better in an effort to match Manchester City’s standards.”

“We don’t want Manchester City to lower their standards in order for everyone else to catch up with them; instead, we want everyone to raise their standards, as Jurgen Klopp did at Liverpool for two or three seasons.”

For the majority of the season, Arsenal was in first place in the Premier League standings, but City’s skill allowed them to win. After destroying champions Real Madrid to advance to their second Champions League final in three years, they were crowned Premier League champions today.

Neville continued when asked if City could be stopped: “The team that has an alignment of quality and mentality (can challenge City). The fact that Manchester City’s players are extremely talented should go without saying, but they also possess the ability to string together successful runs and overcome challenges during the season’s most trying times.

“That requires a lot, as well as the manager who can lead them and provide stability. The same model is required viewing by the others. It occurred at Manchester United for a while under Sir Alex Ferguson, and it also occurred at Liverpool under great managers Bill Shankly and Bob Paisley. You must be a great manager, have a great team of players, and the opposing team must strive to be as good as yours. Liverpool is currently the team that have demonstrated this over the past four or five years.

“Although I am aware that Arsenal has come close to defeating Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City, only Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool have shown that they are capable of competing with the champions at the moment. I am aware that they have fallen far short of expectations this season, but you never know if they will raise them again next year given their track record.”

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