The three definite changes coming to Liverpool next season that should excite Jürgen Klopp

Liverpool have demonstrated in its recent games that they have a bright future even if the Champions League seems out of reach. Jürgen Klopp ought to be ecstatic.

Although the season hasn’t ended yet, Liverpool’s final home game of the year has already been played, and there is a strong sense that the Reds are content with just securing a Europa League spot.

The disappointment of not making the Champions League is undeniable. Liverpool were viewed as Manchester City’s most likely rival at the beginning of the season because the Premier League’s top team still have a chance to win the treble.

Liverpool must ensure that it is once again — at least in its own mind — the most likely team to challenge Manchester City’s hegemony by the start of the following season, even though finishing in the top four is beyond them this time around.

With a few smart additions in the summer transfer market and a little more luck on the injury front—especially considering that key player Luis Dáz has hardly played this year—that is definitely realistic.

Here are three things Jürgen Klopp can anticipate for the upcoming campaign, according to Liverpool . com, with changes on the horizon for the Reds and plenty of cause for optimism.

Anfield in new form
Due to the Anfield Road Stand’s anticipated completion over the summer, there will be about 7,000 more spectators present when Liverpool plays there once more.

With a capacity of about 61,000, Anfield will follow Manchester United, Tottenham, and West Ham as the fourth-largest stadium in the Premier League.

How much of an impact it has on fans who want to attend home games will depend on how difficult it is to obtain tickets given the high demand, but Anfield has undergone a noticeable transformation.

One legacy that FSG will leave behind when it eventually leaves Liverpool is the Main Stand, which was finished in 2016 and is now expected to be followed by the second one.

Summertime moves
It is unclear exactly who the players will be, but Liverpool have set their sights on acquiring players like Alexis MacAllister, Mason Mount, and Ryan Gravenberch to bolster its midfield.

Given that Jol Matip’s contract expires in 2024, there is also a compelling case for signing a player for the center-back position as well. Regardless of the players’ names and positions, there is no doubt that Liverpool will have a busy summer.

FSG investment will be required to ensure that Liverpool can compete and return to the Champions League at the first opportunity since there are no obvious assets to cash in on.

There will be arrivals; the only uncertainty is the type of players and the volume of players.

Nine-game boost… and formation switch
Liverpool’s winning streak against Aston Villa came to an unfortunate end, but the team still managed to draw despite falling behind and easily could have won had referee John Brooks decided to interpret the offside differently or show Tyrone Mings the red card.

The last eight games, and hopefully Southampton the following weekend, have demonstrated Liverpool’s ability to string together a string of wins and that the new-look formation is effective.

Although it might not work in every situation — and there is a good case to be made that Trent Alexander-Arnold would have been better served out wide and away from crowded areas against Aston Villa — Liverpool have found a solution that appears to be a vast improvement.

The performance of the last eight games is more indicative of the squad that Liverpool have at their disposal, and it should only get much better following the summer transfer window and plenty of pre-season practice.

Igbo Kennedy

Igbo Kennedy

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