Trent Alexander-Arnold explains how Jurgen Klopp proposed a positional change for Liverpool

Trent Alexander-Arnold of Liverpool, who has been excelling in a new role given to him by manager Jurgen Klopp during the final weeks of the Premier League season, has now explained how it came about.

Trent Alexander-Arnold, a star for Liverpool, has disclosed that Jurgen Klopp only gave him one day to get ready for his intriguing new role.

During the season’s final weeks, the Red academy graduate’s position has slightly changed. Alexander-Arnold has been placed in his usual right-back position when the ball isn’t involved, but when it is, he moves a little bit further forward to help the midfield.

Jurgen Klopp’s selection appears to have paid off. The defender has contributed six assists since mid-April and scored with an incredible effort in this week’s victory over Leicester.

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Alexander-Arnold disclosed the idea came to him and Klopp during a brief training ground conversation before Saturday’s draw with Aston Villa. The gaffer pulled out the tactics sheet and showed it to me while we were on the practice field, he recalled in a statement to The Athletic. In terms of defense, everything was typical.

He wanted me to be a second number six after that, with the ball. It was explained to me that the goal of it was to enhance our inside play. directing the center. bringing in a second player there. He had faith in my ability to take the necessary action to make it happen.

I felt happy. I regarded it as a chance. I hadn’t previously played this position. I merely wanted to show that I could do it by going out there.

If I’m being completely honest, we weren’t able to prepare much around it. It was a short practice because it was the day before the game. It was a case of trying to learn it as we played it for [the 2-2 draw with] Arsenal in particular.

“It feels right, and it comes naturally to me. I think I can perform well there. I have the power to influence, modify, and rule over games. I want to continue doing it. I want to aid the team in continuing to triumph. ”.

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