The incoming Liverpool director is not my choice, according to Jurgen Klopp

Jörg Schmadtke will be working with Klopp, who insinuated that the club’s owners chose him.

Jörg Schmadtke’s appointment as Liverpool’s new sporting director is anticipated to be approved this week, despite Jurgen Klopp’s insistence that he is “the club’s, not the manager’s signing.”.

Ex-Wolfsburg executive Schmadtke will take over for the departing Julian Ward as the head of Liverpool’s recruitment team, as first reported by Telegraph Sport earlier this month.

With Klopp recruiting many of the technical and sports science staff from his native Germany over the course of his eight-year reign, the arrival strengthens the German presence at Anfield.

However, when questioned about Schmadtke’s qualities, he was adamant that if the deal went through, it was the owners Fenway Sports Group who made the decision to do so, despite the fact that Klopp is obviously excited about the prospect of them developing a close, collaborative relationship.

If it does, it won’t be Jurgen Klopp signing him because we are both German or because we are acquainted. That wouldn’t be relevant in any way. That, I can say,” Klopp said.

“I’ve known Jorg Schmadtke for a very, very long time. Given that he was a much better player, he probably doesn’t know me for as long as I do.

But we both began our second careers at the same time. He took the position of sporting director at Aachen, while I became a coach there. Two teams with comparable standings means that we are somewhat familiar with one another.

“I am aware of his goodness and intelligence. In Germany, he was very effective and very good at what he did. His personality, sense of humor, and character are all excellent. From a few moments next to the pitch, I am aware of that. ”.

Klopp claimed that he found similarities between Schmadtke and Michael Zorc, his former Borussia Dortmund sporting director.

Similar age group, same circumstance, just a little bit longer in retirement, he said. You wouldn’t believe the quality of some of the German sporting directors.

The perception that Liverpool is firmly in his control, at least in terms of football, will not be diminished by Klopp’s remarks. Even if the American owners had naturally done their own exhaustive due diligence, there is no way FSG would be hiring Schmadtke without Klopp’s approval and even encouragement.

Since Klopp’s first few months in charge, when the team started to rise, that managerial influence has been the way. However, in many ways, during a challenging season, his power has become even more obvious.

Despite Liverpool appearing on the verge of failing to achieve their minimum goal of Champions League football, Klopp’s position was never in any danger or even subject to serious internal scrutiny. That is a result of Klopp’s reputation at Anfield, built through his body of work, and the clarity of his strategy for guiding the team through a difficult time.

Owners FSG believe this season is a fluke, and Klopp is already far along in his rebuild after an encouraging finish to the campaign, which Liverpool hopes to wrap up this weekend having racked up 25 of the last 27 points available.



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