Liverpool unity our trophy this year, Future ‘super exciting’ says Klopp

After a challenging season, Klopp praises the teamwork of the players and fans. Mohamed Salah tweeted that he was “devastated” when the team’s failure to place in the top four was confirmed, but Klopp claims there are reasons to be optimistic.

Despite the disappointment of not making it into the Champions League, Jurgen Klopp has called the future of a united Liverpool “super exciting.”

Liverpool haven’t qualified for the competition for the first full season under longtime manager Klopp, and after Manchester United’s victory over Chelsea on Thursday night confirmed it, the Reds’ leading scorer Mohamed Salah tweeted he was “devastating.”

Although Klopp acknowledged that it was a painful blow and that “mistakes” had been made throughout the season, he insisted that there were many reasons for Liverpool supporters to be optimistic about the future.

In his press conference before Liverpool’s season-ending match against Southampton on Sunday, he stated, “For me, it was clear the other two teams [Newcastle and Man Utd] would get that point [they needed to secure Champions League football].”

“I made a mark. We would have pursued it if it had materialized, but there is no need to alter the mood at this time.

“So many bad things occur on social media all the time. That didn’t seem to be one of them. His words were a typical description of how he was feeling, and after the game, it wasn’t the best time to spread goodwill.

“But he was grinning when I saw him now in the canteen. He wasn’t in a foul mood, but I’m not sure why.

“This would not be a historically good season for a very long time here. Absolutely nothing about it makes us happy. We made mistakes and lacked sufficient consistency.

“The number of points we’ve accumulated since the World Cup is pretty good, and if we’d done that throughout the entire season, we’d be in a different place.

“Of course, there are good reasons to be hopeful. Indeed, that is the situation. Our people’s atmosphere after the previous home game is another reason for us to be optimistic. These are all unquestionably the building blocks of an amazing future.

“We don’t need to make it bigger than it is. Football season is underway. What everyone wanted and expected wasn’t what we delivered. The good news is that we are nonetheless still genuinely united. It’s a really good foundation for a better future if you can endure challenging times like we did. There are many reasons for me to be optimistic.

“However, I can see how you might feel it right away after the game, when it was decided. That applied equally to both Mo and me.

“The changing area is not upset. We developed coping skills for the circumstance. We weren’t instantly split apart. We avoided accusing one another of wrongdoing.

“If you don’t make it into the Champions League, fifth place is the best you can finish, and we did that. If you had asked me if we could do that 10 games ago, I would have said no.

“There is no justification for us to lay low until the new season begins. These are the things I’ll use for the new season because I saw some very positive signs.”

When asked whether Liverpool’s defeat this year could serve as inspiration for the following campaign, Klopp responded, “It has to.”

However, focusing on the positives, he talked up his excitement for what’s to come in 2023–2024 as newcomers continue to develop in the team before describing the “togetherness” the team had sustained through their challenges this term as like a trophy to them.

He claimed, “We’ve fallen short of providing more for the people to enjoy. We had our moments. Even though fourth place was not great, it would still have qualified us for the Champions League, making it a typical season. This little thing, which is obviously a big one, is the biggest letdown.

“But occasionally, you just have to accept it. After seven and a half years, I’m still here. It’s unlikely that everything will always proceed correctly and with large steps over such a long period of time. There are dips, but we could have done better. Usually, you replace the manager after three or four years, and he begins completely fresh.

“Yes, I realize that being here for so long is a really good thing, but it’s also challenging because you have to reinvent yourself. We have now begun doing that. I find that to be very exciting.

“And with all the faith and trust we have in one another and feel for one another, is a super basis. Everyone cares deeply and is motivated to give it their all; nobody is tired or asks, “Who cares?”.

“In a challenging year, I felt the solidarity between us and the supporters. It is very crucial. The way they bid the players farewell might serve as a further argument. It’s fantastic. That will serve as our trampoline. We need to move on from there.

“Really, the only issue is one of finances. In football, that’s a major issue. I’m aware of that. However, next year we will also have European nights.

“Now it’s going to be a Thursday rather than a Tuesday or Wednesday. Great matches, an exciting atmosphere, the opportunity to do it all—who cares? The FA Cup and League Cup will happen again. The opportunity to do that is ours. Additionally, the Premier League is present. Let’s try it out!

“Feeling a sense of unity is simple when things are going well, but it can be more difficult when they are not. Though we did, and that was, in my opinion, the prize we won this year, I didn’t want to demonstrate that point.”

When asked what effect Liverpool’s exit from the Champions League will have on their transfer plans, Klopp appeared unconcerned with what lay ahead and didn’t feel a sense of urgency to close deals at the beginning of the upcoming window.

“I don’t believe so, but we’ll have to wait and see [if the absence of the Champions League has an impact on players’ desire to travel].

“There is always a chance that things won’t turn out the way you had hoped because the better the player you want, the less likely it is that the opposing club will want to let you have him. We need to be prepared for that.

“But there is a long window, a long preseason, and a long break, so we have time. For me, it doesn’t change the outcome if we add new players tomorrow or in six to seven weeks. In a perfect world, they’d all arrive tomorrow by plane so I could tell them what they had planned for the summer break and other things. But everything is okay.”

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