MANCHESTER UNITED” Fans will be happy,” Bruno Fernandes quips after Liverpool is denied a chance to play in the Champions League

Bruno Fernandes, the interim captain of Manchester United, is aware of the joy that will fill the hearts of the team’s supporters if Liverpool is denied a spot in the UEFA Champions League.

The Red Devils defeated Chelsea 4-1 on Thursday night to clinch a spot in Europe’s top league.

Fernandes, one of United’s four goal scorers, was happy to have ensured a top-four finish.

“We know that means a lot to you, so we did because it was important to us to reach our goals,” he said (as reported by the Mirror).

“Naturally, we were aware that the supporters would be pleased if Liverpool did not qualify; however, for us, the main priority is taking care of ourselves as best we can.”

Liverpool’s misery makes Chelsea drubbing sweeter
Returning to the Champions League will help United not only make some extra money, but it will also give them the opportunity to entice elite players in the upcoming summer transfer market.

Erik ten Hag’s arrival was a breath of fresh air, but things quickly turned around after United’s season-opening losses to Brentford and Brighton and Hove Albion.

The Red Devils have experienced a significant turnaround since then. The team’s standards have improved as a result of Ten Hag’s excellent work in acquiring the right players over the summer.

A club the size of Manchester United ought to be required to play in the Champions League.

Red Devils’ chances of finishing in the top four positions appeared assured, but Liverpool’s late seven-match winning streak made things interesting.

Only when Jurgen Klopp’s team came close to defeating Aston Villa at Anfield could United have officially locked up their spot in the UCL last weekend. However, the Villians were still in the game thanks to a late goal from Roberto Firmino.

Fernandes is aware that Chelsea’s humiliation tonight will be even more satisfying to the supporters because they prevented Liverpool from participating in Europe’s top league.

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