What Liverpool must do in order to rejoin the UCL in 2024 is explained by Mo Salah

Liverpool, according to Mo Salah, must put more effort in order to feature in the UCL again.

Mohamed Salah, a winger for Liverpool, has discussed the steps his team must take to qualify for the UEFA Champions League in 2024.

For the first time under Jurgen Klopp since he took over in 2015, the Reds failed to advance to the competition. The Merseysiders are mathematically unable to finish in the top four of the Premier League this season as a result of Manchester United’s victory over Chelsea on May 25.

Salah emphasized the need to concentrate on the team’s own games and not worry about outside outcomes. He said the following in an interview with Football Daily:
“Not just Liverpool, but everyone has it tough. The current teams, in my opinion, are more competitive than they were. They do, however, have a good manager and good players because they play football. Just concentrate on our game, that’s all. Other teams need not cross our minds. All we have to do is concentrate on our games and find a way to win them.”

Before the FIFA World Cup break in November and December, Liverpool had a difficult start to the season and was ranked sixth. Although Klopp’s team kept dropping down the table, they began to turn in some impressive performances toward the end of the year. In the end, though, it was too little, too late, as the Reds are expected to just miss the top four. In addition, Salah expressed regret to the supporters for their failure to make the Champions League.

He posted the following on his social media pages:
“I’m completely heartbroken.
There is no justification at all for this. We had everything we required to qualify for the Champions League the following year, but we were unsuccessful. As Liverpool, entering the competition is the absolute minimum. Sorry, but it’s too soon for a motivational or upbeat post. Both you and we were let down.”

The Reds will face Southampton at the St. Mary’s Stadium in their last Premier League game of the season on May 28.

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