In response to Liverpool’s midfield transfer search, Jamie Carragher offers an “amazing” solution

Although Jamie Carragher believes it may soon be time to move Trent Alexander-Arnold into that position, Liverpool’s top priority for the summer is to add more quality to their midfield.

In the long run, Trent Alexander-Arnold should be moved to midfield, and Liverpool should look to add a new right-back.

Since joining the team under Jurgen Klopp, the Reds’ star has been a pillar in the back four, but while he has consistently produced in the final third, his defensive abilities have long been questioned. He continues to be a key asset for the Merseysiders in terms of delivery and passing range.

However, errors in his own half cost Liverpool, sparking a discussion about his role. With players like James Milner, Naby Keita, and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain all leaving this summer, forcing them into the market, Liverpool’s midfield has been allowed to age.

After visiting Anfield, a prospective Jurgen Klopp transfer opens up about his vision for Liverpool.
With Alexis Mac Allister and Mason Mount reportedly interested in moving to Anfield, improving the middle of the park is a priority this summer.

Prior to Liverpool pulling out, Jude Bellingham had been a hot commodity. However, according to Carragher, not many midfielders could match Alexander-Arnold’s caliber, so it might be preferable to sign a right-back.

“I think his body language when he’s in midfield, compared to when he’s just playing in defense, is completely different,” he said to Redmen TV. The player I’m watching seems to be different. No matter who we buy, Bellingham could do more than TAA in midfield with some of the passes he makes.

Whoever you buy and however much money you spend, Trent is incomparable when Liverpool is on the ball. This kid is too talented to not be the focal point of this team, so I think after another season I’d be of the opinion that we should buy a right-back and play him in midfield.

It is approaching the point where he will lead the team and become its captain. Take away the criticism he receives, which is sometimes not well-deserved. Let’s concentrate on what he is excellent at since he can always improve on things but will never be truly outstanding at them. “.

Klopp acknowledged toward the end of the season, when Alexander-Arnold was playing in midfield more frequently, that it might open up new doors for the team, especially with young right-backs in the club’s ranks like Calvin Ramsay, who was signed last summer but has struggled to find minutes in his debut campaign.

If you look back at it after we learned to use it, it gave us new opportunities, the German said.
He performed admirably, in my opinion.
I’m okay with how he carried it out because it wasn’t the first time, just not in a while. ”.

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