John Aldridge wants Caoimhin Kelleher to stay at Liverpool despite challenges

Liverpool legend John Aldridge recently shared his views on Caoimhin Kelleher and the challenges he faces in securing the first-choice goalkeeper job, with Alisson being the team’s established number one goalkeeper.

Kelleher’s future at the club is uncertain at the moment as he acts as second fiddler to Alisson Becker. Even though Jurgen Klopp gave him chances, it was a rare sight and the keeper would need more regular minutes next season.

Aldridge explained that the goalkeeper needs to develop his skills by playing more often. However, staying at Anfield next summer would be to his advantage.

As reported by the Independent, the former player said:

“It’s hard. I think he got busted in the last game of the season (4-4 at Southampton) because he was very rusty. He played his worst game for the club.

“Apart from that, the kid has everything going for him in modern football. He has to play. It’s good training, but you get experience by playing. They have three cups where he will play; FA Cup, League Cup and Europa League.

“So he will get more games than in other seasons. He’s still very young, very talented, so I’d selfishly want to keep him. You have to see how the lad feels and what the club wants. He could get into a lot of Premier League sides, but I obviously hope he stays at Liverpool.”

The final decision on Kelleher’s future will depend on several factors, including the player’s aspirations and Liverpool’s plans for him.

Aldridge has expressed his hope that Kelleher will choose to stay at Liverpool where he is valued and appreciated. As a fan, Aldridge believes the goalkeeper has a bright future at the club and currently sees the young goalkeeper as an excellent second choice for Liverpool.

With the Reds facing a busy schedule and multiple competitions in the near future, Kelleher should get the opportunity to showcase his talent.

However, in the previous season, he made just five appearances in all competitions which is far from an ideal situation for the player.
The goalkeeper’s position at Liverpool continues to be a subject of interest and debate among fans and pundits as the new season approaches.

Kelleher’s situation is challenging due to the presence of Alisson, who is widely regarded as one of the best goalkeepers in the world, if not the best.

As Liverpool and Kelleher prepare for the upcoming season, fans are eagerly awaiting decisions regarding his future. It remains to be seen whether he will continue to develop at Liverpool or seek opportunities elsewhere.

It’s obvious that Kelleher has huge potential and the ability to thrive in the Premier League.

Igbo Kennedy

Igbo Kennedy

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