‘OPINION’: Liverpool have done something that’s completely broken Manchester United

Liverpool’s 7-0 demolition of Manchester United last season reportedly broke something at the Red Devils, leading to their current crisis.

According to the Independent, there’s a growing belief that the Reds’ historic win against their Premier League rivals in March of this year could have caused some cracks in Erik Ten Hag’s side.

With the result coming so soon after United’s League Cup triumph, the Manchester giants have not been themselves since the 7-0 loss to Liverpool, which was one of the most shocking in recent times.

Indeed, one result can have the potential to change the entire dynamics of a club, for good or for bad, and it seems like Liverpool might have handed United a death sentence earlier this year.

It’s obvious to many that something is systematically wrong with the Red Devils, and it could be traced back to Liverpool’s 7-0 win at Anfield against United.

As we know, Ten Hag’s side had just come off a League Cup win and were all-but set to qualify for the UEFA Champions League, yet United now look like an empty husk of that side since losing to Liverpool.

The downfall of United since Sir Alex Ferguson’s retirement ten years ago has been nothing but pure joy to watch for Liverpool fans as well as Premier League supporters as a whole.

And this latest crisis could be pinned on Liverpool’s record-breaking win against United earlier this year, with Ten Hag and his side looking lost on the pitch.

The downfall has been spectacular for all to see, and without change behind the scenes, it’s hard to predict just how far United will tumble down the Premier League.



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