Jurgen Klopp reveals what he’d do if he wins Liverpool a second Title

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has said he’ll still see his time at the club as a success even if they don’t win another Premier League title.

Klopp won the Reds a first title in 30 years in the year 2020, blowing away the division to finish on 99 points. In another life, the manager could have won three titles with Liverpool, but finished second to Manchester City by a point twice.

Speaking to Sky Sports: Secrets of Success podcast today though, Jurgen looked back on those seasons philosophically.

“Coming second twice behind Man City with one point [was a success],” said the boss. “And if you really want to then go into the season, moments, ref decisions where easily they could have gone the other way around. We played the same season, but different decisions at that moment and we become champions, no shadow of a doubt. That’s how it is.”

Although Liverpool were so close to three Premier League titles instead of one, Klopp has no regrets. In fact, the German says that even if the Reds were to win a second championship, he would refuse to take home another replica of the tophy.

“I don’t suffer because I don’t think ‘oh my god we are not champions’,” Klopp explained. “I have one of the Premier League trophies at home, would I buy a second one if we win it a second time? I don’t think so, I don’t need these kinds of things. I decided long ago that I decide for myself what I think is success and I don’t let the outside world make that decision because it’s always different.”

Although Klopp is happy with his lot at Liverpool, this shouldn’t be taken as an admission of defeat, or an acceptance of mediocrity.

Klopp is clearly as determined and as driven as anyone to make sure the Reds win another title on his watch.

But unlike many in the fanbase, the manager also realises exactly what he’s up against.

There’s a reason why no one but Liverpool have wrestled a title from Man City since 2017. Pep Guardiola’s team are one of the most dominant the country has ever seen.

Of course it would be brilliant to have won three to their two over the past five years, but it just hasn’t worked out that way.

For Liverpool to run them within a point, and earn more than 90 points on two occasions is pretty incredible. Although regret will linger for supporters, there should be pride in that, too. Over time, there will be.

Still though, for all the amazing things Klopp has done at the club, it would be brilliant if he could end up with more than one Premier League win to his name.

That’s why this year feels so big for Liverpool. With City not quite their usual selves, the Reds have to give it everything. Klopp may not be too fussed about getting that second trophy at home, but he’ll want it for the cabinet at Anfield, don’t you worry about that.



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