Michael Owen delivers Premier League title prediction, identifies Liverpool edge on Man City

Liverpool occupy top spot in the premier league table with two points ahead, and Michael Owen has been impressed with the way Jürgen Klopp’s side have adapted to their summer changes.

Owen predicted that Manchester City will win the Premier League. But he hasn’t ruled out his former club Liverpool.

The Reds started the season with a new midfield, after losing several senior players including Jordan Henderson, James Milner and Fabinho.

Despite these changes, Jürgen Klopp’s team is currently at the top of the league. The new midfielders have contributed to this success, along with academy players like Curtis Jones and Trent Alexander-Arnold.

Liverpool nearly won the 2021-22 title, with Manchester City only securing their crown on the last weekend with 93 points. Owen thinks a lower score might be enough this time, but he believes Liverpool are still in the race.

“If you’re asking me who I think will win it, I think Manchester City will win it,” Owen told Mirror Football at a screening of his new documentary ‘Football is for Everyone’.

“I thought that at the beginning of the season and don’t want to necessarily change my mind now but I’ve been very impressed with Liverpool.

“Of course they can [win it], they’re top of the league and we’re past halfway so of course they can win it.

“I’ve been really impressed with the way there’s been an evolution there — the whole midfield has totally changed — and even though they’re getting used to new players, a new system, new everything, they’ve continued to win, which is a great sign, because I can only see the team getting better and better.

“I don’t think the points total will be what it has been in recent years. I think you’ll win it with an eight before as opposed to a nine this year.

“City will have to drop a little bit from last season points total-wise and Liverpool will have to up their game, but it looks like both of those things are happening at the minute so it’s going to be a closer title race.”

Alexander-Arnold played in 18 out of the 20 league games while Liverpool are two points clear of the current champion, Manchester City.

Jones appeared 12 times and center-back Jarell Quansah featured in six matches. Harvey Elliott, who joined the team when he was only 16, played 16 times himself and scored an important goal against Crystal Palace in December.

Owen also spoke about the importance of an academy influence in successful teams, which is certainly something Liverpool have in their favor.

“I think some of the great teams over the years, I think you’d suggest an academy influence and a homegrown influence is very important,” Owen said.

“You look at the great Manchester United team when I was growing up, it was basically an academy-based team. The team that I was at for years and years, the likes of Fowler, McManaman, Gerrard, Carragher… the list goes on and on and on.

“Successful teams have often had that type of player — Liverpool, Trent Alexander-Arnold has been there for many years now — and I think it’s great for the club.

“Fans enjoy that, and can relate to that, so it’s nice to see. And they’re not just squad players, they’ve actually had a nice role to play in the team.”



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