Cowboys To Hire Belichick, Fire McCarthy in 2025?

Bill Belichick still does not have a job. The six-time Super Bowl winner hasn’t even interviewed for any team other than Atlanta since leaving the New England Patriots. And the Falcons just hired Raheem Morris instead of him.

Suddenly, the game of “Musical Chairs” isn’t leaving many seats for Belichick, who was supposed to be “coveted” and the subject of a “bidding war,” according to his national media pals. … complete with irresponsible “reporting” that had him being hired by the Dallas Cowboys to replace Mike McCarthy.

But Belichick wasn’t hired here. McCarthy wasn’t fired here. The Cowboys as his “mystery team” was all BS.

So now we move the bar. … so much so that we are doing the McCarthy/Belichick projection for … February of 2025!?

“What if the Dallas Cowboys don’t get it done with Mike McCarthy? There is Bill Belichick looming,” my friend Ian Rapoport said this week in the wake of the sad vision of this iconic septuagenarian coach trudging along unhappily in the NFL unemployment line in a tattered hoodie, beggar’s tin cup in hand.

I have nothing. but respect for Rap, and he’s not “wrong.” It’s “possible” in the same sense that it’s “possible” that he could eventually coach one of 32 NFL teams someday.

And I appreciate his admission to the silly intrigue of it all.

Said Rap: “The amount of TV time we are going to fill with ‘Will Belichick eventually take over for X – ‘Insert Name of Coach’ – is going to be epic – and I’m here for all of it!”



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