NFL announces huge salary cap increase for 2024 season

The salary cap and how much room the Dallas Cowboys have to play with has been a leading topic of discussion among Cowboys fans.

The idea of not being able to re-sign players and making others cap casualties, plus Dak Prescott’s upcoming contract situation, has caused panic in Cowboys Nation.

But part of that was based on the the projected cap limit for this season at $240-$243 million, and then most recently $250 million. But the recent news announced by the NFL is the cap room is set to increase to $255.4 million. That’s a huge increase.

The amount teams have to work with is $30 million over last season, and is the largest increase between seasons since the $26 million rise after the Covid season in 2021.

The huge increase is a result of the full repayments made by clubs on advancements during the Covid pandemic, as well as an unexpected increase in media revenue for the 2024 season.

According to Sportrac, the increase now means the Cowboys current cap space has them at $3.2 million over the limit. Over the Cap has the Cowboys at roughly $8 million over the limit.

At this stage with potential cuts and restructures on the way, Dallas in a much better place than how the forecast looked previously.

In addition to the increase cap amount, the NFL also announced an extra $74 million will go to each team for player benefits and retired players.



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