‘I CAN SEE THEM GO INTO OVERDRIVE’: Michael Owen reveals who’ll win the Premier League title Arsenal, Liverpool or Manchester City

Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester City will return after the international break to conclude the final details of the Premier League title race.

As things stand, this is going down as the greatest title race in history, with three teams involved heading into the final ten matches, something which has never happened before.

It’s Mikel Arteta’s Arsenal leading the way by one point, after they pounced on the recent 1-1 draw between Liverpool and Manchester City.

But will the Gunners win the Premier League title for the first time in two decades? Is it going to be a fairy tale ending for Jurgen Klopp? Or will normal service resume for Pep Guardiola?

Michael Owen has backed Manchester City to become champions again and ‘go into overdrive’ during the final run-in, as he told Premier League Productions on 18/03/24 .

The former striker admitted that his ‘heart’ wants Liverpool to become champions and end the Jurgen Klopp story in an ‘incredible’ fashion.

But he feels Arsenal and Liverpool are ‘playing at their peak’, whilst the Treble-winners still have another gear in them.

“You fancy Liverpool, I do think they have the easiest run-in as well,” said Owen.

“My heart says Liverpool. I want Liverpool to win it. I think it would be the most incredible story. Jurgen Klopp’s last season.

“But I do think Manchester City are the best team in the world, at the moment, but they have proven that. I can just see them going into overdrive. I think they have gears left.

“Maybe Arsenal and Liverpool are playing at their peak, at the moment. I think, at this time of the season, watch Manchester City go, so my head says, Manchester City.”

Arsenal’s trip to Manchester City is a huge, huge game, not just for both of these sides, but for Liverpool also.

Given that Man City are used to winning these types of matches, getting over the line and winning the trophies.

If it’s Arsenal victorious here, then it’s going to be a huge, huge statement to the rest of the league.

They are already leading the pack by one point and three points at the Etihad on March 31 might just be the confidence booster they are looking for.



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