Dak Prescott’s Brother Sends Clear Message To Critics

Ever since the Cowboys were eliminated from the NFL playoffs in the first round by Jordan Love and the upstart Green Bay Packers, star quarterback Dak Prescott has received a lot of criticism for another disappointing outing during the postseason, which resulted in another early exit.

Prescott and head coach Mike McCarthy got the bulk of the blame for the Cowboys’ shortcomings in the playoffs, which led to speculation that both of them might not return to Dallas next season.

However, longtime team owner Jerry Jones has made it clear that McCarthy will be coaching the team next season and that Prescott will be the leader under center, with the team intent on signing him to a lucrative contract extension.

Although this is a surprising development in Dallas, there are some who still believe Prescott has what it takes to be a quarterback who can lead the Cowboys to a Super Bowl victory.

Former NFL star Mark Schlereth still has faith in Prescott, as he said on the Stinkin’ Truth Podcast, which was pointed out by Prescott’s brother Tad Prescott on Twitter.

“Anyone ever notice, the guys who played this game at a high level always tell you @dak is a baller. Exception of maybe 1 or 2”

Although there still seems to be some faith out there in Prescott’s ability, he may not have many more chances to prove himself if the Cowboys don’t sign him to a contract extension.

If the Cowboys decide not to sign Prescott to an extension before the 2024 campaign, he might have one season left to lead this team to a title, or he may end up playing for another team.



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