DALLAS COWBOYS OFFSEASON PLAN: ‘What’s The Goal Here!?’ Wonders ESPN Critic

The Cowboys’ offseason plans have left some confused as to what exactly the franchise is doing ahead of the 2024 season. Believed to be a Super Bowl contender in 2024, the Cowboys haven’t improved the roster, in fact, they have gotten worse.

The beatdown handed to Dallas by Green Bay in the playoffs last season was thought to be the straw that broke the camel’s back. Fans were irate and wanted change…but none came.

Thanks to Jerry Jones’ now infamous words, the Cowboys were supposed to strengthen their roster and go “all-in” on the 2024 season. However, things have gone the opposite way, leaving Dallas in a position that gives credence to our own Mike Fisher’s thinking that the Cowboys plan to “blow it up” in 2025 and start over.

This is odd considering the strong position the franchise had itself in, and Robert Griffin III is at a loss for words at what Dallas has done in free agency.

“The Dallas Cowboys have had the worst offseason in the NFL,” Griffin said on ESPN’s GetUp.

“They lost their starting center, lost a behemoth at left tackle, don’t have a starting running back. They lost Armstrong, Hankins and Vander Esch on the defensive side.”

While the lack of free agency additions is one puzzling situation, another is the lack of want to get deals done with Dak Prescott, CeeDee Lamb and Micah Parsons.

Stories have come out about Lamb and Micah over the last week or so that seems to be an attempt to drive down their price (if you believe in such a conspiracy).

But we know that regardless, both Lamb and Micah will be getting near $30m APY. Dak on the other hand will get what he wants (rumored to be $60m APY) whether that’s in Dallas or elsewhere.

This is just another layer to the Cowboys drama which has been unfolding in a very public way (no surprises there) and it leaves Griffin wondering what exactly is the franchise’s goal is in waiting to pay its three best players.

“What is the goal here with not paying CeeDee Lamb already? If the goal going into the offseason for the Cowboys was to fix their culture and focus on winning, and make it all about ball, then they’re failing absolutely miserably,” Griffin continued.

“These three guys have helped you win 12 games over the last three years. I know Cowboys fans have to be tired of this circus and this continual song and dance of just getting attention but not winning. In order for the Cowboys to truly be all in, they can’t be all out on their three best players.”

It does feel like Dallas is dragging its feet on purpose regarding Prescott, Micah, and Lamb’s contracts, which has left many questioning exactly what the front office’s plan is this offseason.

We now know the “all-in” comments were in reference to the lame-duck situations with Dak and coach Mike McCarthy … or, something … but with Lamb and Micah now having question marks hanging over whether the franchise wants to pay them, it is all pointing to a perfect storm in 2024.

Based on everything we have seen play out over the last month or so, the Cowboys say they are “all-in” on the 2024 season, but in truth, as it stands right now, they couldn’t be more “out.”



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