‘COME ON’: Darren Bent honestly rates Jurgen Klopp’s time as Liverpool manager out of ten

A few weeks ago, there had been hope that Klopp may be able to see out his time at Liverpool by winning an unprecedented quadruple.

However, last month’s disappointing FA Cup exit to Manchester United was followed by an even worse defeat to Atalanta in the Europa League.

Liverpool are still in with a shot at winning the Premier League title, but it feels like a big ask for a first-team squad that look completely exhausted.

As a result, it looks a distinct possibility that Klopp has won his final trophy in charge at Anfield. And as that reality starts to set in, the 56-year-old’s legacy with the Reds is starting to be examined.

It isn’t all that much use asking Liverpool supporters how they rate Klopp’s time at their club out of ten. We’d be flabbergasted if any of them seriously scored anything under an eight.

Most would surely be either nine or ten. It’s true that Jurgen could and should probably have won more with the Reds, but his haul has helped to add yet more sheen to Liverpool’s trophy history. Reds fans love him.

Rival fans, it’s fair to say, do not. As a result, it’s interesting to hear what ‘neutrals’ really think of Klopp. Of course, no supporter is ever truly impartial, with all seeing the game through the prism of their own club.

But as an Arsenal supporter who never featured for any of the Reds’ rivals during his playing days, Darren Bent is about as non-bias as they come. So, when asked on TalkSPORT how he rated Klopp’s Liverpool career, Bent’s response was telling.

“I think he’s a 10,” said the former England man, to protests from Man United supporting co-host Andy Goldstein. “He’s won everything. The guy got to 96 [97] points and didn’t win the title. That’s crazy! 92 points and they don’t win it, come on!

“He’s won everything. Liverpool have seen that manager lift every trophy. Every bit of silverware they can achieve he’s managed to do that. Europa League no, but I’m talking about Champions league, Premier League.”

In fairness, we’re with Bent on this one. Even if you take the trophy’s he’s won out of the equation, you have to look at everything else Klopp has given Liverpool.

In many ways, the manager gave the club its identity back. Having been through some tumultuous years prior to his arrival, Jurgen reconnected Liverpool FC with its supporters. The team felt like it had one of us leading it again.

In the modern era, you really can’t put a price – or a rating – on that. The prizes won are merely cherries on top of a cake that was already pretty darn delicious.

So, whatever Bent, Goldstein or anyone else may say now or in the future, Jurgen should always be a perfect ten to Liverpool fans. There will never be another like him. One more Premier League title would do the neutral rating no harm though, Kloppo. There’s still time!



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