Charles Barkley Picks Isiah Thomas Over Stephen Curry, Opens Up About 1992 Dream Team

Recent remarks by Charles Barkley on the Dan Patrick show ignited a debate as he expressed preference for Isiah Thomas over Stephen Curry. Despite his admiration for Curry’s game, Barkley emphasized his enduring respect for Thomas and suggested he would choose Thomas in a hypothetical scenario.

“I feel bad for Isaiah because he’s the best little man ever until Steph Curry. He never probably got the credit or respect that he deserved. And so I feel bad about it. I got nothing but respect for Isaiah.

“I’ll be honest with you… If I had to choose and I love Steph Curry And I know people gonna go to the Internet cuz they ain’t got no life if I had to choose between Steph Curry and Isaiah, I’d probably go with Isaiah in a scenario.

“I love Steph, I love Isaiah, but if I had one guy If I had to choose between those two, I’m not gonna ever choose against Isaiah.”

Barkley’s choice reflects his deep appreciation for Thomas’s contributions to the game. He referred to Thomas as “the best little man ever,” acknowledging the lack of recognition Thomas received compared to his stature in basketball history.

Barkley’s sentiment underscores the sentiment shared by many basketball purists who recognize Thomas’s skills and achievements, despite his sometimes overshadowed legacy.

While Barkley’s preference for Thomas may raise eyebrows given Curry’s status as the greatest shooter in NBA history, it’s a testament to the impact Thomas had on the game during his era. Thomas’s leadership, playmaking ability, and clutch performances made him a force to be reckoned with on the court, earning him the respect of peers and fans alike.

Barkley’s choice also sheds light on the subjective nature of comparing players from different eras. While Curry’s revolutionary style of play has transformed the game and earned him widespread acclaim, Barkley’s allegiance to Thomas reflects a nostalgic appreciation for the legends of yesteryear. In fact, even Thomas chose himself and three other legends over Curry in the all-time PG list.

Barkley’s preference for Isiah Thomas over Stephen Curry highlights the complexity of evaluating players’ legacies and the enduring impact of basketball icons from previous generations.

While Curry’s brilliance is undeniable, Barkley’s unwavering respect for Thomas serves as a reminder of the rich tapestry of talent that has graced the NBA hardwood over the years.

During his appearance on the Dan Patrick show, Barkley was questioned about whether he was ever involved in discussions regarding Isiah Thomas’s inclusion in the 1992 Dream Team:

“I’m glad you asked me that because every time I hear that BS, like, no, man, they never asked me. Should Isaiah have been on the team? Probably. I was never asked. And well, I mean, like I say, obviously, it’s come out a couple of times that Michael didn’t want him on the team.

“I think Jack McCallum came out with a quote last year saying, and he had it on the record that Michael didn’t want Isaiah on the team. That’s between them. But no, I was never asked about Isaiah on the Dream Team.”

Barkley’s response sheds light on the ongoing debate surrounding Isiah Thomas’s absence from the historic Dream Team roster. While Barkley himself was not consulted about Thomas’s inclusion, he acknowledges the speculation that Michael Jordan played a significant role in Thomas’s exclusion.

The revelation aligns with previous reports suggesting that Jordan, along with other members of the Dream Team, harbored animosity towards Thomas, stemming from their rivalry during their playing days.

Despite Thomas’s undeniable talent and credentials as a player, his contentious relationships with certain members of the Dream Team, particularly Jordan, ultimately influenced the selection process.

Barkley’s assertion underscores the complexity of the decision-making behind the Dream Team roster and the interpersonal dynamics among its members.

While the Dream Team is celebrated as the greatest basketball team ever assembled, controversies surrounding roster selection continue to fuel discussions among fans and analysts alike.

Ultimately, Thomas’s absence from the Dream Team remains a subject of debate and speculation within the basketball community. However, Barkley’s comments offer valuable insight into the behind-the-scenes dynamics that contributed to the team’s composition and the enduring legacy of the Dream Team era.



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