‘IT’S A FLUKE’: Golden State Warriors’ Draymond Green Slaps New York Knicks With Harsh Truth Bomb

The New York Knicks recorded a massive win on Tuesday night in Game 5 of their second-round matchup against the Indiana Pacers. By blowing out the Pacers, 121-91, the Knicks are now just one win away from booking their place in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Warriors star Draymond Green, however, is not impressed.

Green decided to rain on the Knicks’ parade on Tuesday night. The Warriors veteran was part of the NBA on TNT broadcast team, and he had some choice words for New York. Apparently, Green doesn’t believe that this season is proof that the Knicks are a legitimate threat for the title:

“Why do Knicks fans think I hate the Knicks though? I told the truth about the team. And the truth about the team is, it’s a fluke…”

I’m not entirely sure why Green is still questioning why Knicks fans hate him. After all, he did come out with a savagely hot take on their team’s success this season.

To be fair, Green expounded on his point by looking at recent history. He turned his gaze on the Atlanta Hawks and the Portland Trail Blazers who were both “set up” after one successful season. Things did not play out for either team after that one postseason run, and Green believes that this is going to be the case for the Knicks as well.



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