Liverpool winger wins major award after returning from injury

Liverpool’s teenage winger Trent Kone-Doherty has been named Player of the Tournament in Northern Ireland Super Cup on Friday night.

Kone-Doherty started in two of Liverpool’s three games and was named young Reds captain for their final game of Friday’s mini-series, where a win over Hertha BSC would have seen Marc Bridge-Wilkinson’s side win.

However, despite losing 3-0 to the second tier side, Kone-Doherty was named Player of the Tournament, which has seen previous players include Sergio Busquets, Steve McManaman and Wayne Rooney.

The week-long competition was made all the more memorable for the 17-year-old as he competed near his hometown of Londonderry, where he spent his entire rookie career before joining Liverpool last summer.

During his first year as a student with the U18 national team, Kone-Doherty scored ten goals in all competitions and played frequently for the U19 national team en route to the UEFA quarter-finals Youth League.

However, the striker’s first season on Merseyside was cut short after suffering a serious ankle injury in the 4-1 Premier League North defeat at Manchester City in February, which saw him sidelined for the rest of the season.

Speaking about Kone-Doherty’s exciting return to active sport this summer, Bridge-Wilkinson said, “Trent had a great week, like everyone else.

“It was probably a bit more difficult for Trent, he got injured and it was his first game and obviously he’s coming home so it’s a different mentality. People are watching him, cheering him on and it’s great that he’s coming back and doing well.

“All in all a very good week, a fantastic tournament, great opponents. It was a really positive week, we will remember it with real preferences. “



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