Liverpool Get Paul Tierney on VAR for Wolves Despite Past Incidents

Paul Tierney miscalculated as the VAR official when Alexis Mac Allister received red against Bournemouth—a decision later overturned on appeal.

Coming out of the international break and being assigned an early Saturday kickoff already had Liverpool supporters feeling a bit nervous given that combination seemed to lead to nothing but struggle last season.

Now, Reds fans will have something else to worry about ahead of their weekend game against Wolves as Paul Tierney—the referee with the most history with manager Jürgen Klopp and the man who failed to make the correct decision on Alexis Mac Allister’s red card against Bournemouth while he was on VAR—has been assigned as the VAR official.

If there’s anywhere to bet on the Reds not having any reviewed calls go their way on the weekend, putting money on that might not be much of a gamble. Thankfully at least, though, Tierney in the VAR room will work with Michael Oliver on the pitch.

While no English officials are rated out especially highly by UEFA and FIFA, Oliver is the consensus best the Premier League and Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL) have to offer.

Seeing Tierney once again assigned to Liverpool, though, it’s hard not to wonder how the world’s top ranked and richest league, one that imports players and managers from around the globe in order to deliver the highest quality product on the pitch, seems content with the current level of officiating.



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