OPINION: What Jurgen Klopp did perfectly on Saturday is why Liverpool rivals should be worried

Psychologically it’s great to see the Liverpool team pulling off results like the one we saw against Wolverhampton.

It’s part of football – Fergie Time, the Liverpool of the seventies used to get goals late on – it grows belief and sows a seed in each opposition’s mind that a game is not over yet.

The one against Newcastle, all the odds against us, 10 men on the pitch, to come back was incredible . They showed grit again on Saturday and teams now will be worried.

As for Liverpool, it’s a mentality they need to keep a hold of. That’ll be easy as we’ve got so many options on the bench going forward that can change games.

Even when we had the front three of Bobby, Mane and Salah, we didn’t really have game-changers on the bench. Now we’ve got six strikers and Harvey Elliott who is starting to really show the promise we know he’s got that he can become a top player.

It gives the opposition a concern, Jurgen used it perfectly and we’ve got to give him credit the way he used the subs.

Luis Diaz came off the bench and created havoc, young Harvey Elliott too and Darwin Nunez – the opposition are cursing.

They put so much energy into the first half and Liverpool just wore them down – same as Manchester City at West Ham. They’ve got so many options now and that is what gets you the points.

Saying all of that, they can’t keep going one nil down forever. All due respect to the team you’re playing but you can’t give anyone a one nil start – you’re going to get caught out.

Of course it doesn’t help when they’re stuck on the 12:30pm kick-off after an international break either. It’s the 12th time it has happened whilst Jurgen has been at the club, and it smells.

All I can say is who would you rather watch – Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Liverpool or Man United against Brighton?

Wolverhampton Wanderers are bottom of the table, Brighton have a competent team against Man United, so that’s the game you’d want to watch. It just doesn’t make sense.

It’s the case again next month for the Everton game and it’s laughable. It is what it is, you can’t afford a first half like we did on Saturday, but it does smell.

All you can do about it is learn from it, get the mindset right and say to the players ‘let’s get on with it and win the game’.

Then it’s up to them. I can’t wait for that game. It’s a derby, big massive game for us, let’s show that they can keep on giving us these early kick-offs and we’ll keep getting three points.




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