BREAKING: VAR official involved in Luis Diaz error barred from officiating Liverpool for rest of the season

Reports have claimed that VAR official Darren England will not officiate Liverpool for rest of the season after his involvement in their defeat to Tottenham.

Luis Diaz goal was incorrectly chalked off for offside during the Reds’ heartbreaking 2-1 defeat at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium last Saturday.

The PGMOL has since released the VAR audio of the failure in communication, with fans spotting one damning moment from the incident.

Jurgen Klopp has subsequently insisted that the game should be replayed, as VAR continues to fall short in the high pressure moments.

On Tuesday, it was confirmed that both officials involved in the ‘human error’, Darren England and Dan Cook, had been stood down for another round of fixtures.

However, it has since been announced that England has been blocked from officiating Liverpool for the rest of the season.

That’s according to The Telegraph, who claim that the 37-year-old’s mistake will also have financial effects.

The report states that ‘his match fees for games he has lost amount to around £1,200 on top of a basic salary of approximately £150,000’.

Speaking ahead of Liverpool’s Europa League clash against Union Saint-Gilloise, Klopp reacted to the audio, believing a replay would be the only fair resolution. While the German admitted he had no desire for officials to be given ‘further punishment’.

Klopp told reporters: “The audio did not change it at all, I was not interested in what things happened as I saw the outcome, we scored and it did not count.

“It’s really important that as big as football is and important as football is we deal with it in a proper way. All the people involved, the on-field referee, linesman, fourth official and especially in this case VAR, didn’t do that on purpose. It was an obvious mistake and I think there would have been solutions for it afterwards.

“Some people probably don’t want me to say, but not as the manager of Liverpool so much, more as a football person, the only outcome should be a replay. That’s how it is. It probably will not happen.”

He continued: “The argument against [a replay] will probably be if we open that gate then everybody will ask for it. The situation is so unprecedented that I’m 56 years old and I’m absolutely used to wrong decisions, difficult decisions but something like that as far as I can remember never happened.

“That’s why I think a replay would be the right thing. If it happened again, a replay would be the right thing to do or the referee has the opportunity to bring both coaches together and say, ‘Sorry we made a mistake but we can solve it. Let Liverpool score a goal and we can start from there.’

“I’m not angry with anybody, not at all. We should not go for them. They made a mistake and they felt horrible that night, I’m 100 per cent sure. That’s enough for me, no one needs further punishment.”



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