Howard Webb reveals why VAR chose ‘not to intervene’ to rectify mistake in Tottenham-Liverpool game

The Professional Game Match Officials Limited chief Howard Webb, has provided insights into the controversial VAR decision during the Tottenham vs. Liverpool match last month.

In a comprehensive interview, Webb explained the reason behind the VAR’s actions and the subsequent confusion.

The match, which saw Tottenham beat Liverpool 2-1, became a focal point of debate due to a contentious offside ruling. Luis Diaz had his first-half goal disallowed, although video replays indicated that he was onside, thanks to Cristian Romero keeping him level.

The PGMOL acknowledged that a “significant human error” had occurred in disallowing the goal. Webb emphasized that VAR Darren England’s initial decision not to stop the play was technically correct based on the laws of the game.

‘‘There’s obviously a process in place that sits in the laws of the game about how we use VAR to make sure it is delivered consistently throughout every league in the world. And it doesn’t allow you to go back in those circumstances. As such they decided not to intervene.’’

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp called for a replay and suggested that the match should have been paused to discuss potential solutions. However, Webb clarified that FIFA and the IFAB’s laws of the game prohibited such actions.

Webb also recognized the need to improve communication protocols within VAR to prevent similar errors. Better late than never, PGMOL.

The controversial VAR incident in the Tottenham vs. Liverpool game brought significant attention to the use of VAR in football.

Liverpool could have got a point instead of zero against Tottenham if the goal from Luis Diaz stood.
Webb’s comments shed light on the complexities and limitations of the VAR system and the ongoing efforts to enhance its effectiveness and consistency.

These incidents underscore the need for greater accountability and transparency in VAR decisions to ensure fairness and consistency in the game. Liverpool supporters will look for reassurance that steps are being taken to prevent such incidents from impacting our team.



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