Gary Neville fires back at Jamie Carragher about Liverpool owners FSG after news about the Glazers

Gary Neville reckoned that Manchester United fans don’t like the Glazers and former Liverpool player Jamie Carragher likes to see the fun side of it.

Well, on Sunday, it was reported by Sky Sports that Sir Jim Ratcliffe will buy a 25% stake in Manchester United, which means that the Qataris are withdrawing their offer to buy the entire club.

It seemingly left Gary Neville to go on a bit of a meltdown on Twitter, as he questioned and listed what needs to be done in order for Manchester United to move forward from ‘a new training ground’ to ‘paying off debt’.

Unsurprisingly, a certain Liverpool legend, Jamie Carragher, was around the corner chuckling at what his Sky colleague had just posted.

The former centre-back pulled a quote from Neville’s long-winded post, as he wrote on Twitter ’That para is my personal favourite, there’s a few other crackers as well’.

That comment by Neville, in which Carragher was mocking, read: ‘It’s worth setting out my non-negotiables on a takeover of Manchester United that I made over a year ago’.

Whilst Carragher was mocking his former on-field rival for that comment, Neville was sure to fire back because he thinks Carragher will need it when everything goes wrong with FSG, as he posted on Twitter.

Both clubs have been put up for sale in recent times, yet the American ownerships are still in charge despite previous backlash.

Manchester United supporters have wanted the Glazers out from day dot, whilst Liverpool fans went at their owners over their attempts to enter the European Super League not so long ago.

One thing that can’t be argued is that money has been spent for the clubs to move forward, it’s a case of how they have gone about other things that have riled up those in the stands.




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