‘Do me a favour’ – Alan Shearer hits back at Virgil van Dijk as Gary Lineker defends Liverpool captain

Former Premier League striker Alan Shearer has hit out at Virgil van Dijk after he said the Liverpool captain was asking too much of modern footballers.

As the international break began last week, Van Dijk explained his thoughts on English football’s tough domestic schedule and the growing international competition.

Next, UEFA plans to implement reforms to increase competitive pressure in the Champions League and Europa League, while FIFA plans to do the same in the World Cup and Club World Cup.

The offer led the 32-year-old to an awkward meeting with a journalist who disputed him and other footballers’ high wages.

Now, Shearer is the latest to join the discussion. The man, who knows what it means to play at the highest level for nearly two decades with Southampton, Blackburn Rovers and Newcastle United, made no mention of the Liverpool man. “I know I can’t talk about money, but they have a bigger squad than ever, they have more substitutes than ever and they are paid more money than ever.

“You have the best physiotherapy, the best technology, the best in everything. ‘Do me a favor!’

Probably not the reaction Van Dijk was hoping for. Van Dijk explained that the reason he is raising this issue now is to bring others together. ‘

“In their private jet,” Shearer said. “No matter how I travel, I’m still exhausted,” Lineker said. “My complaint is not about the players themselves, it’s about me. To make the game as fun as possible, you have to think about the well-being of the players.”



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