Why Alexis Mac Allister’s handball was a ‘terrible decision’ – VAR expert explains 5 reasons

Liverpool supporters were raged by VAR’s decision to overturn Jarell Quansah’s late equalisder for Liverpool – and one VAR expert slammed the decision, but explained why it was upheld.

A VAR expert has slammed the ‘terrible decision’ that led to Liverpool’s late equaliser being chalked off for a handball on Alexis Mac Allister.

Quansah thought he had secured the Reds a point on Thursday evening, having been 3-1 down to Toulouse at one point, in the 97th minute. However, after a lengthy check, it was deemed that Mac Allister handled the ball in the build-up.

Dale Johnson posted on X, formerly known as Twitter:

“So many reasons why Mac Allister handball is a terrible VAR decision: Arm close to body, being withdrawn not moved to ball, high on arm, not deliberate, way back in play.”

However, Johnson then pointed out why the goal wasn’t allowed to stand, and why it wouldn’t in the Premier League. He added: “But this is UEFA, with goals disallowed for any handball in attack phase.”

UEFA rules state that any handball during an attack will result in the goal being chalked off. UEFA Football Board put to UEFA that a handball that was a result of a deflection of the same player shouldn’t count – but it is not an official law.

Jurgen Klopp was unhappy with the decision in his post-match press conference: “I only saw the video back and for me, it’s not a handball, but how can I decide that?

“Yes, the ball goes to the chest and I don’t see contact with the arm, to be honest. Maybe they had a different picture than I had. It’s pretty long ago before we score the goal, [I was thinking] ‘where’s the free-kick?’

“That’s interesting, we could talk about that. I heard, I didn’t see it, that there could have been a penalty for us in another situation, I don’t know.”



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