Belichick Wants to Be Hired by ‘Underachieving’ Team? Could it be Dallas?

At this point in the NFL Coaching Carousel, it is a well known fact that the Atlanta Falcons are serious in their search for a legendary coach.

After 24 years as the New England Patriots’ boss, Bill Belichick has already interviewed in Atlanta, as has Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh (and he’s already met with the Chargers).

There are rumors linking Belichick with the Dallas Cowboys and also with the Philadelphia Eagles, but so far just smoke without fire. And now comes a doozy, if you evaluate it beyond its surface level.

Jeremy Fowler of ESPN has reported that Belichick is currently looking for a team that is “talented, yet underachieving.” We will drop any skepticism for a moment (who told him that?) and proceed.

“Talented, yet underachieving”? Well, that’s Dallas, right? The Cowboys under present coach Mike McCarthy have a star-studded roster – nine All-Pros! – and go 12-5 every year before annually fizzling out in the playoffs.

“Talented, yet underachieving”? Well, that’s Philly, right? The Eagles under present coach Nick Sirianni have a Super Bowl roster – they almost won it just 12 months ago! – and started 10-1 this season before collapsing at the end of the season and in the playoffs. But no.

Fowler reports suggest that it is the Falcons who fit that description.

“I was told from the beginning that Belichick would likely target talented, yet underachieving teams. Atlanta probably falls in that category,” Fowler said on SportsCenter.

Is Atlanta “talented”? Did the Falcons, once again falling short of the postseason with rotating mediocrity at QB, truly “underachieve”?

If we believe Fowler’s information in the first place, that he knows what Belichick is “targeting”(and we are dubious), then we still have to question the second level of his information.

Since when are the Falcons more “talented and underachieving” than the Cowboys and the Eagles?



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