Mike Brown salutes 49ers Faithful’s kind act after Packers win

The 49ers are not the only ones who have expressed gratitude for the Faithful who were on hand for San Francisco’s 24-21 win over the Green Bay Packers on Saturday at Levi’s Stadium.

Kings coach Mike Brown, whose son Cameron is a defensive quality control coach on the 49ers staff, was among the over 71,000 in attendance for San Francisco’s thrilling victory over the Green Bay Packers.

Speaking to reporters during Sacramento’s practice on Sunday, Brown gave a special shoutout to a couple of 49ers fans whose generosity saved the day after the Kings coach was ill-prepared for the rainy conditions in Santa Clara on Saturday night.

“I wish I had my phone because I’d give her a shout-out, but there was a sweet, sweet gal,” Brown told reporters during Kings practice on Sunday.

“I thought I was prepared when I left here to go down there [Santa Clara], but I left my hat here, I left my gloves here.

“Soon [as we] got to our seats, it started raining. And I was like ‘I don’t have no poncho, I don’t have nothing, I can’t open my umbrella.’

Brown revealed that after a good samaritan had offered to give the Kings coach a poncho off his own back, another fan seated behind him came to his rescue with rain gear for him and his partner Ro.

“There was a sweet lady sitting behind us, she goes ‘Hey, I got two in my backpack!’ and she gave me two,” Brown told reporters.

“I got her name in my phone and I’m going to give her tickets, but she saved my behind.”

Brown shared that the kind act by the 49ers fan came in just the nick of time, allowing him to avoid getting soaked and relish a playoff game that won’t soon be forgotten.

“Literally, I had a hoodie and then a 49ers t-shirt over it, and it was just starting. I could feel my back getting wet and cold, it was just starting to soak through,” Brown explained.

“Once I put that thing on, I was good to go, baby. I was good to go. And what a great win, oh my gosh, it was a great win.”

San Francisco sealed the win after a final stand by the defensive unit Brown’s son Cameron coaches, with Dre Greenlaw’s second interception put an exclamation mark on an instant classic between two historic NFL franchises.



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