When Liverpool will announce Jurgen Klopp successor

Liverpool FC have set a target period for announcing their next manager after Jurgen Klopp announced his decision to leave the club. Fans may need to exercise some patience.

Jurgen Klopp shocked football on Friday as he announced he’s stepping down as Liverpool manager at the end of the season. The German has been at Anfield since late 2015 but will be departing later this year.

Klopp was always going to leave eventually, of course, but few saw it coming this year. All feels so positive around the club right now, for one, with Liverpool competing across four competitions and topping the Premier League.

But the boss will leave once this season is done and that brings about one massive question – who succeeds him? The club certainly haven’t announced a successor and the Telegraph understands they won’t anytime soon.

Liverpool are aiming to announce a successor at the end of the season, says the outlet. There isn’t currently anyone lined up and the Reds won’t name their new boss until Klopp is essentially out the door.

The report also mentions Xabi Alonso, the overwhelming favourite for the job. Liverpool have not approached Alonso and are under the impression that he’s reluctant to walk away from Bayer Leverkusen. Certainly, he won’t decide to move away from them while he’s managing a title challenge in the Bundesliga.

And some might say that Liverpool’s desire to announce their new manager at the end of the season lines up with that quite nicely. Alonso, who was asked about the situation earlier today, is far more likely to take the job if he’s offered it once the season is over.

The former Liverpool midfielder is the fans’ preferred choice and may well be the club’s, too. He’s the one to watch and the news that an announcement won’t come for months may well points in Alonso’s direction.



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