Alex Smith Reveals ‘Only Chance’ 49ers Have to Beat Chiefs in Super Bowl

The San Francisco 49ers are getting ready for a Super Bowl rematch against the Kansas City Chiefs, and former NFL superstar Alex Smith has expressed concerns about the 49ers defense. The Chiefs got the better of San Francisco in Super Bowl LIV, but this feels like a much different contest.

Despite that, Smith is not convinced by the Niners’ defense. Speaking to ESPN reporter Adam Schefter, the former No.1 overall pick explained why he thinks the Chiefs have the advantage.

“This 49ers defense doesn’t do a lot,” Smith said on January 30.

“They don’t present a lot of volume. I think… they’re going to be in for it. The only chance I think the Niners have to win is a little bit of a shootout, and again, this Chiefs defense just continues to elevate their game.”

It’s a strong warning from a quarterback who spent significant time with both franchises. While the 39-year-old hasn’t been with either franchise since 2017, he did experience substantial success with both teams.

And in the playoffs, San Francisco really hasn’t impressed. While they tightened the ship after the Green Bay Packers’ hot start in the NFC Divisional Round, the Detroit Lions then put up 31 points with ease.

In the quote above, Smith mentions that the 49ers will need a shootout victory to hoist the Lombardi Trophy. That will require an outstanding performance from QB Brock Purdy, but Smith thinks he can do that.

In a recent appearance on ESPN, he jokingly announced that Purdy is not invited to the “Game Managers’ Club.”

“I can tell you, as the unofficial president of the Game Manager’s Club, [Purdy’s] not allowed in,” Smith said on January 28.

“Again, all these narratives that we’ve heard, they couldn’t be more wrong. I think it’s lazy analysis, and again, it doesn’t make sense when a guy who’s as young as he is, he’s 6-foot-nothing, all his measurables don’t jump off the screen, and it doesn’t make sense to people. So, they revert to these narratives that, again, couldn’t be more untrue.”

Purdy hasn’t been close to perfect in the playoffs, but he has delivered clutch performances in back-to-back games. In the biggest game of his young career, he will need to deliver again against the Chiefs.



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