CHIEFS VS 49ERS: Astrologers Make Shocking Super Bowl 58 Prediction

The moon is already predicting victory for the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl 58. Even the stars seem to back Patrick Mahomes and Co. to win the title for the second straight year.

While it’s okay not to believe astrology and the predictions from it, it’s definitely interesting to hear what the experts in the area have to say about the upcoming big game.

In an article published by TODAY, astrologer Lisa Stardust together with some of her peers analyzed the upcoming battle based on the astrological font.

In order to do so, they factored in the “event chart of Super Bowl 58, using the game’s kickoff time and incorporating the new moon that occurred on Feb. 9, just a few days before the big day.”

They also used horary charts “which give quick answers to yes or no questions — think of them as astrological oracles,” as well as the “birth charts of star players on both teams.”

In the end, they had the Chiefs coming out on top of the 49ers, though it won’t be easy. According to the astrologers, the game will be intense, with one astrologer even saying that there would be “flared” emotions considering how important it is for both sides.

Here’s what else the prediction from the astrologers said:

Raquel Reyes foresees a high-scoring game, thanks to Mars, the planet of aggression, meeting up with transformative planet Pluto in the sign of Aquarius, “strengthening the will of both teams.”

Lauren Ash points out that Mahomes’ previous two Super Bowl victories with the Chiefs, in 2020 and 2023, had Leo risings in their event charts — and this game does, too.

It remains to be seen if the prediction will actually come true, though 49ers fans are certainly hoping it doesn’t.

For what it’s worth, it’s not only astrology that doesn’t favor the San Francisco 49ers in their Super Bowl 58 showdown with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Even obscure historical numbers are against the 49ers. Even though the Brock Purdy-led squad are slightly favored to win, there are other stuff that says otherwise.

For one, over the last 30 years, the team traveling west for the Super Bowl has always won, with the record currently at 7-0. The Chiefs are the team traveling west this 2024.

Furthermore, in a Super Bowl rematch between two opposing head coaches, the winner of the previous game has always come out on top. Although the sample size is only small with three of such instances. Both the Chiefs and 49ers met in Super Bowl 54, and Andy Reid’s men won that meeting.

Sure enough, it should add more motivation for the 49ers in hopes of breaking those curses. As for the Chiefs, they will certainly love their chances despite being the underdogs in the game.



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