49ers OL hits back at Eagles’ Jalen Carter over trash talk

The NFL season has ended. But some beef seem to be carrying over to the offseason.

On Tuesday, the 49ers offensive lineman Jon Feliciano and Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Jalen Carter exposed their personal feud.

Feliciano made headlines recently after he appeared to blame 49ers teammate Spencer Buford for a costly mistake during San Francisco’s Super Bowl LVIII loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Feliciano insinuated that the second-year player missed a crucial block that would have given quarterback Brock Purdy enough time for a touchdown in overtime.

Instead, it was Patrick Mahomes and Mecole Hardman who connected for the title-clinching TD in OT.

Feliciano later apologized to Buford. But the 49ers veteran immediately faced new drama once Carter caught wind of the issue.

Carter posted a screenshot depicting the Feliciano-Buford exchange on Instagram. In the post, the Eagles rookie accused Feliciano of using trash talk that went over the line when the Eagles and 49ers faced off during the regular season.

Carter insinuated that Feliciano had referenced his Georgia teammate Devin Willock, who died in a car crash last March. Carter was involved in the crash but did not face criminal charges.

On Tuesday, Feliciano told his side of the story. The 49ers lineman claimed that he only brought up Willock’s death after Carter had verbally threatened Feliciano’s family while on the field.

Feliciano also alleged that Carter had been making threatening posts against his family on social media in the weeks that followed.

The 49ers and Eagles already had bad blood after how last season’s NFC Championship game unfolded. This latest issue will likely add more fuel to the fire.



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