Travis Kelce Says He Was Stunned By 49ers’ Super Bowl Decision

The San Francisco 49ers were leading the Chiefs by a double digit in the Super Bowl match-up, they lost again.

Kyle Shanahan’s offensive play-calling was rather questionable in the second half, as the team went away from running the ball despite being up on the scoreboard and having a fully healthy Christian McCaffrey.

However, perhaps the most shocking decision came in overtime.

The Niners won the coin toss, yet they decided to take the ball in the first possession of the game, even knowing that Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs were ensured another possession because of the new overtime rules in playoff games.

Recently, Chiefs star Travis Kelce admitted that he simply couldn’t believe that the Niners would choose to take the first possession, as they were pretty much giving them an advantage (Via Ari Meirov).

“You win the coin toss, you get the opportunity to have the advantage and they handed it right to us,” Kelce said.

Travis Kelce couldn’t believe the 9ers took the ball to start overtime.

“You win the coin toss, you get the opportunity to have the advantage – and they handed it right to us.”

Talking to his brother Jason on the New Heights podcast, Kelce claimed that he didn’t want to harp on Kyle Shanahan, but he still thought it was a questionable decision because now his team only needed to hold them to three points and they would have an opportunity to beat them, which they did.

This will go down as one of the all-time greatest blunders in Super Bowl history.

Some Niners players claimed that they didn’t even know the new overtime rules, all while the Chiefs were even prepared to go for two points if the Niners scored a touchdown on the first possession.

That’s the kind of detail and preparation that takes a good football team to a championship-winning football team.



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