‘Fire Shanahan and hire Belichick’ – Fox Sports host tells 49ers

The NFL season has ended and the San Francisco 49ers still do not have any silverware to show for it. They have been so close so many times but still have not been able to win it all, in fact the Cowboys have one more recently than the 49ers.

There were multiple times that they could have put the game away but never came through when it mattered most. Now a Fox Sports host wants the team to fire Kyle Shanahan and replace him with the great Bill Belichick.

Rob Parker has been known for claiming that Bill Belichick was the reason the New England Patriots won all those Super Bowls and not Tom Brady. Now the Fox Sports host wants the 49ers to move on from Shanahan, who he claimed will ‘never’ win the Super Bowl.

“Fire Kyle Shanahan and hire Bill Belichick. He’s sitting there! He will get you over the top,” Parker said.

“Bill Belichick is the way for the 49ers to finally win again. He knows how to win. He knows how to close games out. That’s why it’s worth making the move.”

This is just a blasphemy from an analyst who never knew what he was talking about in his career. Shanahan has proven that he is an unbelievable coach and does not deserve all the blame for the Niners not being able to win it all. Belichick has never proven anything without having Tom Brady at his quarterback so Parker’s position is just nonsense.

There is no reason to move on from Shanahan because he barely lost a Super Bowl, for a guy that has not won a playoff game without Tom Brady in 30 years. Just another crazy take from Parker, and it comes as no surprise.

It has now been reported that the 49ers have fired their defensive coordinator following the Super Bowl loss, so what would be more sensible is if Bilichick joined the team as their defensive coordinator and not their head coach.

Belichick may not want to take a step back from head coaching but it would be the perfect scenario for him as he still does not have a job.

Belichick was linked to the Atlanta Falcons briefly but they decided to go in a different direction.

If the 49ers contact Belichick it may be hard for him to turn down the opportunity to win another Super Bowl with the best roster in the league. Bill could be the missing piece for the Niners to get over the hump.



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