REPORT: Nancy Pelosi Receives Massive Handout From Congressperson After Losing San Francisco 49ers’ Bet

Former US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi received a handout from one of her Democratic colleagues a few days after the San Francisco 49ers lost the Super Bowl to the Kansas City Chiefs in overtime.

Pelosi, who represents much of San Francisco in California’s 11th District, had a bet with Missouri’s representative Emanuel Cleaver for the Super Bowl. Pelosi would send Cleaver Ghirardelli and See’s Candy if the Chiefs won. If the 49ers won, Cleaver would send Pelosi some Kansas City barbecue.

The Chiefs’ victory on Sunday night meant Pelosi needed to pay for the bad bet. But fortunately for Pelosi, her coffer of chocolate won’t run out this winter.

According to a post on Debbie Dingell’s X account, the Michigan representative sent Pelosi a rather substantial basket of Sanders and wrote she hoped the chocolate would make Pelosi feel better after the loss:

“Sanders always makes me feel better, especially after one of my teams loses a big game… Hope you enjoy these sweet, comforting treats@SpeakerPelosi! I know the Lions will be back with a vengeance next year.”

Readers might remember Dingell for a bet she made with Pelosi for the NFC Championship Game. Dingell would send Pelosi Sanders if the Detroit Lions lost. Pelosi would send Dingell See’s Candy and Ghirardelli if the 49ers lost.

There’s a lot of goodies being swapped around Washington for representatives. Sanders has to pale in comparison to the sweet returns Pelosi has made on her $NVDA stock in recent weeks.



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